Elevated Bar Safety

Rooftop BarBars with outdoor furniture set on the sides of buildings have become much more common. Many major cities now have these on the top of buildings or at least on a high floor for a decent view. In either case you need to be safe when you are enjoying yourself on one of these. As an owner you actually have a responsibility to care for your patrons as well. This is more or less important depending on what the laws are in your area and what the atmosphere of your establishment is.

Having proper flooring is the first step when creating a setting such as this. You want a level setting which does not get slick in rain or other harsh weather conditions. Slipping and sliding is not something that anyone needs to do when you are three or four stories up. In that case you could actually injure an employee who is working for you and is just trying to improve things for an upcoming event.

Outdoor Furniture should be placed so that there is no chance of someone simply sliding off the side. Ideally you should have a guard rail or even an overhang that they fall onto. While this isn’t always possible early on you should do everything you can to get this fixed. Unfortunately not even those will protect everyone who hangs out at your establishment so you need to be careful in other ways as well.

For those with a rowdy party atmosphere you may even want to have a bouncer on duty looking over the area. Why? Because someone can really hurt themselves if they have somehow managed to get very drunk and decide to enjoy the view. It happens all the time in bars all across the world that someone falls off an elevated area or is stopped from doing so by a vigilant caretaker. This is perhaps the best way to make sure no one really gets hurt. You do not want to deal with the alternative.

When choosing outdoor furniture you should also try to secure any pieces you can if you expect some of your patrons will get rowdy. Even a small mistake with leaning back too far can lead to an embarrassing or extremely painful crash. By securing it you can make sure that no one falls over or even uses it as a weapon in some cases. We’re sure you don’t want anything like that happening but you never know what can happen when you are having a particularly raucous time.

Basic rules should also be in place for when guests are out on such an area. Many people think that adults have some form of common sense but that does not always hold true. Especially when drinking is involved common sense can fly right out the window. Or in this case it can fall off the side of a building where you are hanging out. Everyone who comes in should follow these or they should leave before something bad happens.

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