Segmenting Your Bar for VIP Customers

Segemented Outdoor BarWhile no one likes to be discriminated against, everyone likes to feel special. Creating different areas of your bar for different people can be a very important factor. Whether you use this with outdoor furniture or indoor settings it can be a vital part of any popular establishment and has been used many times in the past to get great results as well. Depending on your clientele you may want to use this or you may want to avoid it. We’ll tell you a bit about your options there.

For those who want to use this to make money you could have the areas cut off by how much people want to spend. You could even have access to special menus or other items that you can only get in the area. However the most common method for this is to have it based on importance, so that only those who have personal fame or are close friends of the owners can get into the best areas. Whether this is right or wrong to do is up to you to decide.

Depending on what you want to bring to your people Outdoor Furniture can also differ between the areas. For example you may want to have nice but normal pieces in one area and outlandish items in another. Weird items from unusual art to bubble pits have been popular parts of some of the more active bar scenes in the world. You can learn something from their example by adding such outlandish designs to your own setting as well.

If you do not want to make anyone feel left out you may also consider splitting it into rooms but letting everyone have access to each one. This is an extremely popular idea in modern architecture and happens all the time both outside and inside. Indeed, many restaurants and garden settings use this but let everyone go where they please to simply add some additional variety to the area. So far customers have been very pleased with it in many establishments.

Back to the topic at hand you can even create this with your outdoor furniture. Tents with attendants at the entrances are one great way. Other options include translucent plastic items and other enclosures that allow people to see the scenery but still feel like they are in a different setting than the other people nearby. As such you can create that VIP atmosphere anywhere you want it to be without much trouble.

While you do not usually want to create jealousy from one person to the next it can actually be a driving point for business. Pretty much all of the greatest businesses in the world have done this at one point or another in order to make sure they created an atmosphere which strove for the best, or wealthiest, clientele. This pushed them to success and you can create the same setting for yourself if you really work at it. Just be sure that this is the sort of clientele you want.

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