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Adding an Outdoor Bar to a Current Business

Outdoor Bar Stadium Add-onWe’ve discussed a bit about combining businesses. But what if you already own one and want to add an outdoor bar to it? There are many ways in which you can do this but you also have to figure out whether this will bring in enough additional money to make it worth all the effort needed to make this work as well. Zoning is also an issue but you may find out that it is worth all the trouble once everything is said and done.

First you have to figure out whether you can even do this. Depending on how things are run in your city you may not be zoned to serve alcohol. In that case you will either need to have things rezoned or move to a new area in order to do this. If you simply decide to ignore this, well, you can be in a huge amount of trouble when the police come to shut you down and levy a massive fine on you in order to keep you from ever trying something like that again.

Once you have figured out whether you can even do this you then need to look into the bar itself. Certainly the most important piece of outdoor furniture you will find, the bar is something you cannot very easily replace if you decide that the style does not work for you a bit later on. So you need to get it right the first time in order to get the best look. You should go for a theme so that should be your starting point on selection. If it works you may get some free advertising.

Utility is also vital as you should have secure containers which can easily chill all the drinks. This can be somewhat problematic depending on the level of crime in your area. Hotel bars deal with this by moving items around or buying incredibly durable, locking freezers. This can really run your bills up but will give you the peace of mind which you need in order to keep everything running well.

Working with a partner can make all of this easier. Unfortunately it can also make everything much harder down the road as well. Why is this? Because everyone starts to have their own ideas about how things are run as well. They can even decide that they are no longer interested in what was formally a very good work relationship. That can cause you all sorts of problems that we talked about briefly in an earlier article as well.

Once you have all of these you simply need to hire the contractors, and choose the furniture, which fits with the entirely new setting. As always you should consider the theme and only go with items that make everything look better together as well.

You may also want to have some Outdoor Furniture which can move around or be transported for larger events. In any case that cannot hurt as catering can shore up other aspects of your setting. Be sure to diversify to stay in the black.

Creating a Venue for Music Fests

UK Music FestThose who live in a major city that holds music festival should keep in mind that bars and other establishments greatly benefit from the added work. Another benefit is that it often draws people in from neighboring cities or even different states as well. You can stand to benefit from all of this in a huge variety of different ways. If you have the size for it then you may even want to host your own. However there are many benefits and drawbacks you should consider before setting one of these up yourself.

Size is the “biggest” consideration when you start planning to hold one of these. Even if someone nearby is holding it you may want to upgrade your establishment in order to hold what could turn out to be dozens or even hundreds of new visitors to your establishment. While this can cost a huge amount it also allows you to host future events such as weddings. All of these can help bring in the additional revenue you need in order to make your business a success.

A sound stage, preferably a large one, is also absolutely vital for those who want to create this atmosphere. Having speakers and wiring to handle all of this also matters quite a bit. You will need to have some excellent, heavy-duty speakers. They need to come with a full warranty. Why? Not so they can be replaced but because they will usually last longer that way. As such you should get an expert in to set this up. Keep some backup items just in case something goes wrong as well.

Another vital area is the actual bar, and probably kitchen, where all the magic happens and your customers get exactly what they wished for. Each one should be spacious and clean so that everyone can enjoy the setting. Unfortunately this can get a bit troublesome when one of your patrons has had a bit too much to drink and you should keep safety in mind no matter how you set everything up. It is still probably worth it considering the popularity of these events.

If you already run a business then you probably can guess the downside. During events like this people can get really rowdy. Ridiculously rowdy in some cases. Therefore you will have to constantly maintain all of this to make sure everyone is safe and so that the government does not come shut you down for disturbing the peace. Many different bars have had that happen and it really cut down on their business for quite some time. Not all items are appropriate for these events either, for example umbrellas may be a bad choice.

As you might expect all these factors come together to influence your restaurant outdoor furniture. Planning the space around them and also using vibrant colors are two absolutely vital factors which you should keep in mind no matter how you decide to install everything. Therefore take your time and figure out what will give your people the level of energy needed in order to keep them coming back and really fire up all the artists who will be performing at your establishment as well.

Creating a Cedar Bar Area

Rotating Cedar BarCedar has long been a highly-used material in many different settings. During bygone era we could not use it in all the ways that we do now because it was harder to treat than it is now. With all the various advances we have made we can now make practically any piece of furniture out of this and insure that it continues working well for a very long time to come. As you might expect all the various pieces of a stylish bar can also work well with the design.

The thing which most people first notice when working with cedar furniture is the actual grain of the wood. It has an amazing style which stands out in any area. The natural formation of the timbers often has spirals and other patterns which stand out like a special piece of artwork. No two pieces are exactly the same due to how the tree grew over time. This makes it very impressive when you finally get it installed in your business or home.

If you really want to make sure that everything fits together you could even go so far as to use this with your dishware. While that might not work for everyone it can be an interesting look for those running a wilderness retreat, for example. It might not fit together with an incredibly futuristic setup which takes the latest fashion and puts it at the forefront.

Another major reason is that the fibers have oils which naturally preserve the wood itself. Therefore it does not rot or wear down as easily as other forms of wood. When you look into purchasing an item such as this you need to keep in mind that you will not have to put as much maintenance into it as with other wood fibers. So this may be a good choice for those who do not want to put in too much time. This can also work for those who want a rustic look to their bistro.

The oil in it also helps the threads resist water damage which is absolutely invaluable to those who are going to be using this as outside furniture as well. If you have a mobile bar this would be the best choice for any sort of weather as well.

You can also treat it in order to make sure it is much more durable than before. It does however change the look though and if you are going for an all-natural feel then you may not want to bother with sanding or sealing the entire setup. Sometimes putting in too much work can actually create the appearance that you are trying way too hard.

Installing outdoor patio furniture of this sort has another unexpected advantage, the smell. Cedar is one of many woods that has a unique and refreshing smell to it. This can help create a special atmosphere unique to your area. Strange as it may sound, there are actually people who are bothered by the smell so you should keep that in mind when you are gathering all this up.

Decorating a Bar with Grass

Literal Grass BarIn an era where biological responsibility is everything, many outdoor furniture settings are placed atop a grass backdrop. This is especially true for rooftop bars where people want to enjoy nature while still having a great drink. In many of the best cities across the world there are multiple businesses like this and most of them have at least one set up in one manner or another. As you might expect it can be a bit of a chore to maintain but how can you match an installation which is alive?

Before you decide to go with this look you need to keep in mind that maintaining it, especially on a rooftop, is hard work. You will need to give it the trimming and fertilizing that any other sort of plant gets. The good news is that you can very easily give it all the sunlight and moisture it needs simply by having it be outside. Therefore you should not have to worry about that as much as you normally would. Unfortunately depending on the setting it may be troublesome getting all the various lawn care equipment up and storing it.

Amusingly enough in many of the more posh establishments this is an example of contemporary outdoor furniture. They consider organic design to be the height of outdoor furniture class and style. As such we are seeing this much more often over time as well. You never know when you will see it at some of the best places in any town or city. If you are looking to stand out and be recognized as the best this is a good solution.

You can of course go with AstroTurf. This only works if your people care about the appearance but not the natural beauty of real grass. So you should ask your customers what they want. If they do not care then it is absolutely perfect. If they do then they will accept no substitutes so keep that in mind. There is no telling what people will be okay with these days so be sure to get real feedback from them instead of just guessing.

You can of course hire people to manage your unusual outdoor furniture. This can be good but unfortunately it will cost you quite a bit of money in the long run if they work with you for a long time. Therefore you should only go with this if you have a lot of funds to spend in the area. If you do have those from an opulent establishment then you should go ahead with it.

Without a doubt this is not the best sort of setting for everyone. After all, in some businesses this will simply clash with the many other items you have. But if your guests care about improving the planet you really have no better way to impress them than this. Think about what they might want and finally decide on whether you need to put in the large amount of work needed to make this happen.

Creating a “Flash” Bar

Flash Bar Performance“Flash” bars and restaurants are a real craze today. Each one has a different style of outdoor furniture that fits with the setting. You can also expect to have a new and fresh experience every time you go to one of these. If you already have a building which houses your main business then you may consider creating one of these in a nearby town to drum up promotion for your main establishment. It may be the perfect cure for a setting which has grown stagnant over time and needs a bit of excitement.

“Flash” bars and restaurants are called that because they spring up in a flash. Suddenly where an abandoned building or unused patio was there is a business overnight. It surprises local residents and often draws in massive attention from the media. You can also make quite a bit of money from it when you charge similar or even higher prices than you would for your normal fare. You do need to impress people with the presentation though or all of your hard work will be wasted in short order.

Mobility is of course key when creating such a setting. Outdoor Bar Stools and other items are absolutely vital and must be moved around very quickly. Therefore going with items which are lightly constructed are very important. Whether they be chairs or tables they do not need to be very heavy and if possible should be folded up and carried into positions which are quite useful.

Transporting all of these items can be very easy or very difficult depending on if you have bought the proper pieces. If you have then a simple moving truck should allow you to properly move everything. Carrying cases for your drinks and food are also another very important aspect of any sort of installation as well. This is because these fragile items can very easily be damaged in transit so you want to be very careful with this sort of thing.

As you might expect just putting it all up is not the entire project. It also has to look stylish, like a place where people actually want to drink and enjoy themselves. Getting the same atmosphere here is just as important as with any of your other outdoor furniture. If you do not have it then you can expect things to go wrong. Fortunately many of the decorative pieces can simply be transferred from your main establishment and serve double-duty.

Having a proper team is vital for establishing any sort of setting such as this. Why? Because it needs to be made very quickly and then taken down so that the mystique of the area holds out. You may leave behind a note or sign which tells people about your normal business but that will just add to the charm of it. People like to have their lives shaken up by unusual events which leave them speechless, as long as their daily life has some element of order and boredom to it. You can bring that to them.