Creating a “Flash” Bar

Flash Bar Performance“Flash” bars and restaurants are a real craze today. Each one has a different style of outdoor furniture that fits with the setting. You can also expect to have a new and fresh experience every time you go to one of these. If you already have a building which houses your main business then you may consider creating one of these in a nearby town to drum up promotion for your main establishment. It may be the perfect cure for a setting which has grown stagnant over time and needs a bit of excitement.

“Flash” bars and restaurants are called that because they spring up in a flash. Suddenly where an abandoned building or unused patio was there is a business overnight. It surprises local residents and often draws in massive attention from the media. You can also make quite a bit of money from it when you charge similar or even higher prices than you would for your normal fare. You do need to impress people with the presentation though or all of your hard work will be wasted in short order.

Mobility is of course key when creating such a setting. Outdoor Bar Stools and other items are absolutely vital and must be moved around very quickly. Therefore going with items which are lightly constructed are very important. Whether they be chairs or tables they do not need to be very heavy and if possible should be folded up and carried into positions which are quite useful.

Transporting all of these items can be very easy or very difficult depending on if you have bought the proper pieces. If you have then a simple moving truck should allow you to properly move everything. Carrying cases for your drinks and food are also another very important aspect of any sort of installation as well. This is because these fragile items can very easily be damaged in transit so you want to be very careful with this sort of thing.

As you might expect just putting it all up is not the entire project. It also has to look stylish, like a place where people actually want to drink and enjoy themselves. Getting the same atmosphere here is just as important as with any of your other outdoor furniture. If you do not have it then you can expect things to go wrong. Fortunately many of the decorative pieces can simply be transferred from your main establishment and serve double-duty.

Having a proper team is vital for establishing any sort of setting such as this. Why? Because it needs to be made very quickly and then taken down so that the mystique of the area holds out. You may leave behind a note or sign which tells people about your normal business but that will just add to the charm of it. People like to have their lives shaken up by unusual events which leave them speechless, as long as their daily life has some element of order and boredom to it. You can bring that to them.



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