Decorating a Bar with Grass

Literal Grass BarIn an era where biological responsibility is everything, many outdoor furniture settings are placed atop a grass backdrop. This is especially true for rooftop bars where people want to enjoy nature while still having a great drink. In many of the best cities across the world there are multiple businesses like this and most of them have at least one set up in one manner or another. As you might expect it can be a bit of a chore to maintain but how can you match an installation which is alive?

Before you decide to go with this look you need to keep in mind that maintaining it, especially on a rooftop, is hard work. You will need to give it the trimming and fertilizing that any other sort of plant gets. The good news is that you can very easily give it all the sunlight and moisture it needs simply by having it be outside. Therefore you should not have to worry about that as much as you normally would. Unfortunately depending on the setting it may be troublesome getting all the various lawn care equipment up and storing it.

Amusingly enough in many of the more posh establishments this is an example of contemporary outdoor furniture. They consider organic design to be the height of outdoor furniture class and style. As such we are seeing this much more often over time as well. You never know when you will see it at some of the best places in any town or city. If you are looking to stand out and be recognized as the best this is a good solution.

You can of course go with AstroTurf. This only works if your people care about the appearance but not the natural beauty of real grass. So you should ask your customers what they want. If they do not care then it is absolutely perfect. If they do then they will accept no substitutes so keep that in mind. There is no telling what people will be okay with these days so be sure to get real feedback from them instead of just guessing.

You can of course hire people to manage your unusual outdoor furniture. This can be good but unfortunately it will cost you quite a bit of money in the long run if they work with you for a long time. Therefore you should only go with this if you have a lot of funds to spend in the area. If you do have those from an opulent establishment then you should go ahead with it.

Without a doubt this is not the best sort of setting for everyone. After all, in some businesses this will simply clash with the many other items you have. But if your guests care about improving the planet you really have no better way to impress them than this. Think about what they might want and finally decide on whether you need to put in the large amount of work needed to make this happen.

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