Adding an Outdoor Bar to a Current Business

Outdoor Bar Stadium Add-onWe’ve discussed a bit about combining businesses. But what if you already own one and want to add an outdoor bar to it? There are many ways in which you can do this but you also have to figure out whether this will bring in enough additional money to make it worth all the effort needed to make this work as well. Zoning is also an issue but you may find out that it is worth all the trouble once everything is said and done.

First you have to figure out whether you can even do this. Depending on how things are run in your city you may not be zoned to serve alcohol. In that case you will either need to have things rezoned or move to a new area in order to do this. If you simply decide to ignore this, well, you can be in a huge amount of trouble when the police come to shut you down and levy a massive fine on you in order to keep you from ever trying something like that again.

Once you have figured out whether you can even do this you then need to look into the bar itself. Certainly the most important piece of outdoor furniture you will find, the bar is something you cannot very easily replace if you decide that the style does not work for you a bit later on. So you need to get it right the first time in order to get the best look. You should go for a theme so that should be your starting point on selection. If it works you may get some free advertising.

Utility is also vital as you should have secure containers which can easily chill all the drinks. This can be somewhat problematic depending on the level of crime in your area. Hotel bars deal with this by moving items around or buying incredibly durable, locking freezers. This can really run your bills up but will give you the peace of mind which you need in order to keep everything running well.

Working with a partner can make all of this easier. Unfortunately it can also make everything much harder down the road as well. Why is this? Because everyone starts to have their own ideas about how things are run as well. They can even decide that they are no longer interested in what was formally a very good work relationship. That can cause you all sorts of problems that we talked about briefly in an earlier article as well.

Once you have all of these you simply need to hire the contractors, and choose the furniture, which fits with the entirely new setting. As always you should consider the theme and only go with items that make everything look better together as well.

You may also want to have some Outdoor Furniture which can move around or be transported for larger events. In any case that cannot hurt as catering can shore up other aspects of your setting. Be sure to diversify to stay in the black.

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