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Creating a Club House Bar

Clubhouse Outdoor BarA club house used to be an exclusive place that people went to in order to enjoy the company of their peers and have a relaxing drink. Today it can stand for a simple area that the neighborhood gathers into when they want to relax as well, with games and such to pass the time. In either case it brings a relaxing feeling to any sort of environment. If you can bring that same atmosphere to your home or business in the modern day then you will have a seriously appealing area.

For those who run modern apartments this can be a seriously impressive amenity for your tenants. If you can afford to run a bar within their complex as well then you could provide them with the nightlife they seek in addition to everything else. Because of this you should look into it if you have the money to spare. It can help you stand out in an area that probably has many different apartments very similar to yours.

Whether you want to charge for membership or offer it for free is up to you. People will be expecting a few things though, such as televisions and ping pong tables. Having a wide selection of drinks also does not hurt in order to create that atmosphere. So what does all this have to do with furniture? It is all about setting the mood so that you can make people feel at home.

Once you have set that mood with other items you also need to consider the furniture itself. Going with one-color tones that are not alarming to people is a great choice. If you are running a business this advice does not change. Keep everything subtle and normal so that no one feels like they are out of place regardless of how much they spend. If you can do this then your customers will also add to the atmosphere by treating each other right.

Above all else your Outdoor Furniture should make people feel comfortable and help create a private atmosphere. Everyone needs to feel like they are in a special place that belongs to them in some way. You can do this by keeping it exclusive and offering a special sort of setting for each person.

Having an overhang or other shelter option for an outdoor bar is very important. Doing it yourself can also be very impressive. While you certainly want a pool or other area to relax in you will need some shade to keep everyone feeling comfortable even when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse. This is equally true for terrible storms and blistering heat so there should be an option somewhere there.

Drinks are very important when creating this atmosphere as well. It sounds a bit corny but adding club soda to many of them can really improve the kick and liveliness of each one. The method you deliver them in also matters quite a bit. This is perfect for people just trying to relax and have fun in this environment. It is obviously no accident that the two go together so well.


Finding the Difference Between High-End and Discount Bar Furniture

Multiple Bar Stools of Various Quality LevelsThere is a big difference between high-end and discount bar furniture. Some sellers will try to pass off one as the other or may even not have any idea of what they have their hands on. In either case you stand to benefit if you have a discerning eye which helps you determine where the great deals are as well. Be careful how you manage everything so that you can get the best deals possible at all times.

When shopping with a reseller keep in mind that you can still find some absolutely incredible deals from those who do not know what they have. You can do this by keeping up your knowledge on valuable pieces up and making sure that you can find that one-of-a-kind piece which someone does not realize they have their hands on.

At times you may even stumble upon a bar piece which has been used for many years and is in terrible condition. This can be the perfect opportunity to refurbish it with some sanding and a new coat of wax or sealant. In these cases you can really improve the overall look while still getting a bargain on the basic piece as well.

It is fine to buy high-end quality pieces if they are brand new, as long as you are not being tricked into buying sub-par ones due to a slick advertising campaign. While ideally you always want to check each item in person this is not always something you can do if you are buying online. Make sure that you keep the risks in mind when purchasing anything from an online store as well.

When you have items which may fall into either category of restaurant outdoor furniture you should look for the small details such as scuffs, scratches and additional work. Only by looking at the piece in-depth or at least searching through many reviews can you find out just what level of work your seller put into this when they were getting the pieces themselves.

Remember that a great deal is also not always one if it ends up falling apart a few weeks later. As such you need to be very careful if something sounds much better than it should be. You may be swindled by someone who is not telling you about the various imperfections below the surface of the setting as well. Looking at reviews can help you stay safe.

All of this also varies with the sort of bar you are running. If you are running a high-class, trendy night club you will want to go for a completely different style than the local pub where people not only accept cheaper seating but sometimes want it so that they can feel comfortable. You definitely already have a vision in your head about what you want everything to look like and we do not need to tell you what to do there. Go with your gut instinct but also listen to your patrons or friends so that they can give you the best advice on what to buy as well.


Naturally Heating an Outdoor Bar

Fire Pit Bar LoungeIf you are wondering why we have two articles on weather and bars next to each other it is not by accident. Due to changing weather patterns and the shifting of the seasons it is important to know how to manage your temperature. Today we will talk about heating everything up in specific terms. From drinks to the décor itself there are many things you can do to keep everyone warm no matter what time of the year it is.

When first constructing your bar you should keep in mind which materials best absorb/reflect the heat and cold. Metals and plastics hold the heat of the sun fairly well so they are good choices for creating your bar if you are sure that the weather is going to be cold for a very long time or if you are moving into a season. Switching pieces out depending on the time of the year can be very handy for you as well. Keep in mind though that some, such as a few metals, also hold in the cold too so they may not be the best choices.

Designing for air flow is important as well. Ideally you want to have a semi-enclosed area somewhere that blocks the blustery wind when it gets very cold as well. You could even have enclosures that fold up or down as the weather changes in order to handle the heat or cold in a novel way. Make sure that none of your more inebriated guests manage to get their hands on the controls to this, obviously.

Having a seasonal drink menu is quite useful for areas that suffer from a sudden cold snap as well. It allows you to warm people up without much effort on your own part and you can make some additional money from it because people will pay more to celebrate the season as well.

Something else to note is that you should have some open areas to let a bit of fresh air in, even if it is quite cold. A brisk breeze can actually be quite refreshing for many people who are sitting back and enjoying a drink as well. Weather can also turn at times so you should make sure you do not create an area which is too stuffy.

You probably already realized this but having a pool or other water feature is not so good when working on this. However if you have the money to buy the specialized equipment for it you could freeze it to a point where it is actually safe to skate and hang out on. This can cost you a large amount of money but brings a novelty act which few can compete with, for obvious reasons. Try to save it in other areas such as having an all-in-one bar.

Whatever outdoor patio furniture you decide to go with there are thousands of workable options. You may even decide to go with a standard fire for your area which has a unique charm in itself. Just make sure to stay safe in that case and keep vulnerable items away from it.


Benefitting from Natural Weather with a Bar

Beautiful Outdoor Bar WeatherNatural weather is something that can save you a large amount of money and also bring a special charm to any setting as well. Managing this can be a bit more complicated than you would think though, because weather is so unpredictable. However with the technology we have today you have a wealth of options for managing this simply and naturally. We’ll talk about a few of the ways in which you can handle this as well.

For areas where the weather is naturally warm and sunny you have an easy task ahead of you. All you need to do is add a pool or other water feature. Also designing to let the natural breezes of your area through is extremely important as well. All of this should be too expensive for you either as we have many architects that are used to all of this. Just be sure to find someone who specializes in this area.

Things get much more complicated in areas where the weather is extremely cold. You will need at least a semi-enclosed area and heating section as well. Fortunately as far as heat you can use many different things for this as well. Fire pit tables work well alongside traditional heating. You should have at least a few locations in your establishment made to funnel and trap the heat to keep everyone warm. It also does not hurt to sell some warm specialty drinks, such as heated hard cider.

In places where the weather is naturally rainy as well as stormy you may need to have an enclosed room outdoors. Or at least a covering which you can pull over the top of your setting in order to make sure everyone stays dry. In either case you can find affordable options for this all over the internet so be sure to look into each one as well.  Learn from other bars as well.

As always your outdoor dining tables and other pieces need to be weather-resistant for so many reasons, including unexpected changes to climate. You never know when a big change will come due to an unusual weather change as well. Since we have been seeing this so often in recent years you should keep that in mind. The same holds true for taking advantage of positive shifts in an area that has seen a lot of weather for a very long time which was too hot or cold for them to use.

The light of the sun can also be very handy for you if you direct it to the right point. Try to create architecture and furniture setups that naturally warm everything up or direct it away in areas that are naturally hot. Dry weather can also be very handy as well, so you want to try to remove the moisture whenever you can because it makes people feel hot or cold very quickly. You can also increase the moisture in order to help people feel the heat or cold more in areas where the natural climate is very even and mild. Other bars have done this so you know it works.

Lessons from Zed451

Zed451 Dining AreaIndividualism is extremely important for this particular bar because it is as much a gourmet eatery as a bar. With a high number of wait staff, chefs and bartenders they can afford to give a personal touch to every drink and meal which goes through their service. Therefore each person who dines there feels like they really matter and this is something which you definitely want to bring to your own establishment as well. People remember how a place made them feel as much as they remember anything else in the area.

As far as decoration, variety is the name of the game. They have both beautiful indoor spaces adorned with candles that bring a special atmosphere as well as rustic outdoor establishments for those that want some fresh air. Space is also a major benefit for them as their area is large enough to hold up to 800 guests for any sort of event which could arise in the area. Therefore they are a major choice for anyone hosting a serious event in the area.

Prices are of course high, as you would expect from any such establishment. However when you are giving such amazing service you can expect to pay this much and people will gladly do so. However you need to continue keeping it at that high level in order to keep demanding such a high rate of pay for them. It is only natural to do this when you become the best.

Having an event menu is also very important as well. Only by offering exciting, unexpected menus for special events can you keep people interested. For example you may offer holiday menus which have a special set of food. Or you may offer wedding catering and other event options for those who want to host a really large and amazing event with you.

Decorations also vary from room to room as well. For example the Fireside room has a home-style atmosphere which is literally warm and figuratively inviting. Meanwhile the mezzanine has a natural look with open air which allows people to enjoy the outdoors while still being extremely comfortable at all times.

Despite having such different looks throughout all of the areas they also have a uniform modern style which impresses many people. Therefore you should still seek to have a pervading theme throughout the entire area as we have discussed many times before. This may be hard to do while still keeping variety but it is something that all the top bars in the world share and you will need to have the same sort of setup if you expect to move to the top eventually. The views do not hurt either.

They regularly update their contemporary outdoor furniture in order to stay on top of everything. This may be harder for some of you but it also very important if you are running a high-class establishment. Be sure to read contemporary literature in order to properly figure out what is working for you at the time and where you need to go in the future.


Creating a Concrete Bar

Concrete Bar ExampleConcrete is an unusual material for use with furniture. There are many applications for it which are handy and can still keep your people comfortable. We’ll be discussing a few of the many uses for this common material which is no less useful for it. You may want to use this in one of your own projects as well if you are handy and have the know-how to get it all set up correctly.

Concrete is very hard to heat up or cool. You have to put an extreme amount of either on one in order to make it feel that way. Therefore it is a handy material for blocking areas where you expect to have extreme heat or cold. Not surprisingly it is often used as flooring or in walls in order to regulate all the heating and cooling needs of a section properly. We continue to use it in the same way today because few things work better than such a simple material.

You can also combine it with other super-materials including alloys and glasses to change the look or comfort of an area. Paint also adheres well to it so you can even put art all over the various sections in an effort to really make the entire effect absolutely amazing. Being multifunctional is a vital part of why concrete is still popular with people today.

Should you make your entire room and bar out of it though? We would suggest against it. It works best as an accent or complimentary piece for the other items in your area. Therefore you should use it to work well with the other items in your setup. Those who have tried to make everything out of this have often found that things end up being a bit too firm for people.

So how do you go about setting one of these up? You do not of course have to pour it all yourself, the most common way is to use blocks of it and fill these in with various amounts of paste, paint and even other concrete. In order to manage all of this it is important to hire someone. Unless you have all of the equipment and skills needed to do this yourself this is the best way to set all of this up. If you do a good job you can create some amazing designs.

Bars of this type are quite handy because they are extremely durable. You can finish the top off with a connected piece of high-quality wood so that everything still looks good when you are sliding the drinks off to your various customers or friends. It can make a good addition during unusual summer weather.

Make sure that you don’t make seating out of it unless you have cushions. Outdoor Bar Stools would be one thing you need to have cushioning on. You will want to use some extremely soft materials or even memory foam in order to make sure everything works out correctly for you and all of your people are happy with the basic setup as well. Ask for feedback as usual when working on this.

Remodeling an Outdoor Bar

Remodeled Outdoor BarRemodeling a well-used bar area can save you time, money and also be very fun. It also allows you to keep pieces which may be decades old. If you can possibly handle all of this in your own home or establishment then you should look into it. Even if you do not have the skills then you can always hire some people to handle all of this for you. This may cost you a large amount on the short run but can really help you out in the long run.

Before doing anything in this area you should make sure that your items are worth recovering. If they were shoddily made or were destroyed in an accident then you simply need to remove them. There is no need to hang on to something which ruins the entire look of your establishment so you should not bother with it if at all possible. Be sure to look over each piece of furniture carefully in order to make sure it is something you can use.

Another reason to work on this is that it looks good to customers. Everyone cares about the environment to some degree in this day and age. By recycling and refurbishing you show people that you care about the same things they care about. You should of course make sure that your friends or clients care about this before going to these lengths though. Everyone likes to see a redone bar area though.

If you are using a contractor to handle all this you simply need to choose the right one and shut down long enough for them to work on. This could be anywhere from weeks to months depending on how everything goes so you should be ready to lose quite a bit of money over this period of time. It is often preferable to the alternative of having a really ugly establishment that causes people to leave anyway. Be sure to shop around and look at reviews for anyone you hire because you do not want to end up with incompetent workers who won’t deliver on their job. Laws and organizations exist to help prevent this.

If you can do all of this yourself it can be a great choice. Not only will you get the pride of handling all of this in-house but you will likely save a lot of money. Huge amounts of hardware are needed for this though so you should keep that in mind if you do not have the sort of setup already. Sanding, painting and sculpting are all extremely important in this area as well. Zoning and construction permits are also invaluable for this as well. You should also try to make it as comfortable as possible.

Your Patio Furniture may also need a huge amount of retouching as well. Pay them as much attention because you need your entire setting to look uniform in order to get the best possible results as well. Even something as simple as a fresh coat of wax and paint can make a massive difference for those who use your various pieces of patio furniture every day.


Learning Locally from Other Bars

Impressive Local BarCompetitors can be a real thorn in your side. They take your customers and may even spread bad information about you. At the same time however they can be immensely useful if you can learn from their own practices. You may find out that you are doing something wrong or that you need a change of scenery for the people who frequent local establishments. It may even save your business if you learn a lot about each competitor. Or you may find out that they aren’t as tough as you previously thought.

Learning from them can be a tricky thing if you are well-known in the area. If you are not a local celebrity you can probably just visit them yourself in order to find out what they are doing right and wrong. For many people this will be what you do but you can also use local media to find out what everyone else is doing. You may want to use some of the same venues for advertising or set your prices up in a similar manner to draw in their business.

It is important to treat them fairly though. Many people learn nothing from other businesses because they decide that their items are much better in every way possible. When you go into another bar with that thought in your mind you are simply wasting time. Take some friends with you so that they can give you an objective view of what you are doing wrong and right as well. This is the best way to learn.

You can of course also learn from the things that they are doing wrong. In that aspect you might want to visit an establishment which has a very bad reputation. Even if they are doing 30 different things wrong you can learn from it and look for these problems within your own home or business as well. This can be invaluable to you in the long run because it saves you from many unhappy visitors.

All of this must be done with an attitude that allows you to learn as well. If you go in with the thought that you are the best and everyone else is terrible, you will never learn anything. Therefore you may need to examine your own thought processes and learn from this as well. If you manage to this then you will probably have improved how you handle every sort of event in life. This is something which is absolutely invaluable to those who grow from it. You may even learn that an impossible design would work well.

You may also want to throw in a few special gimmicks like Fire Pit Tables if you have the money. Others may or may not have these so you should take a look. Use your own judgment to decide whether a gimmick works for your theme and for what people need in the area. You may find that something entirely different and exciting is needed because people are bored with the overall setup. You can provide that for people and surge in popularity due to it.


White Style and the Four Seasons Mumbai

Four Seasons Mumbai PoolA unified theme, in this case a high-class, clean setting, is what really matters to most people. They have that here in spades. From the serving equipment to the lounges everything works together to give you a feeling that this is one solid, unified design. Nothing is out of place and everything convinces you that there is order and safety there. If you can build the same atmosphere where you work and/or live then you will also have created something absolutely magical.

Service, as you might expect, is also paramount in this location. Everyone always has to be on their best behavior because guests pay for the courtesy of such service. You should try to deliver the same treatment as them whenever possible. Even if a customer is upset about your setting you need to still treat them well.

What they do not talk about is the fact that you should probably expect a bare minimum of courtesy from them as well. If they want a refund for a bad meal that is fine, but if they are drunk and rowdy they should at least be escorted to their room and away from other guests. Nothing can ruin the atmosphere of your furniture and establishment faster than someone who is being rough and rowdy for no reason.

While the food may have an exotic flair and the same can be said for the drinks there is something unmistakably comfortable to anyone, of any culture, who goes there. It looks like a top-quality establishment and certainly is. Having widespread appeal for everyone who could possibly visit your place of business is something that sets the best workers apart from those who are out of business. Attempt to welcome everyone no matter who they are in your own setting as well.

That being said there is a distinctly rich atmosphere to some of the more private areas there. Having an exclusive feel while still offering something for everyone is quite valuable as well. It is how many of the greatest stores and even websites in the world have garnered a special level of clientele that is willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the best  food, drinks and service that anyone can provide.

They of course offer services for people in multiple languages so that everyone can enjoy things there, if they have the money. Depending on where you are in the world this could be another avenue for growth there. While it may cost a bit more to have multilingual staff in various areas it is often worth it. You have to stand out when you are offering service of this quality and cost. Try to bring VIP treatment to your place of business as well.

So the normal lessons of style are there but there is another as well, you do not have to design just for a culture. Outdoor Furniture located all over the establishment draws influences from designers across the world. So multicultural appeal is also valuable. They spice things up with new pieces and stay on top of trends as well.


Lessons from the Sands Skypark

Sands Skypark PoolThe Sands Skypark is one of the greatest bars in the world. They also have one of the best hotels as well. With unbelievable views and all the amenities you would expect from such a place there are many different things we can learn from them. After all, if you are seeking to improve your establishment or home why should you not aim for the top? Even if you do not reach quite that level the results should still be nothing less than spectacular.

Multiple bars and restaurants line the area, offering a massive amount of variety for those who want something different each day of their vacation. Each one gives the top level of service and quality possible there because their prices can be quite high. It also allows them to make money from a huge number of sources and really raise their bottom line. As such the quality continues to climb with the variety.

Another major feature is the observation deck which lets you see massive parts of Singapore from the amazing view. This is a more affordable option for those who just want to sight see. We can learn from this that even if you do not make all your money in one area you should still provide an impressive service there in order to really impress people. All the little touches are what matters in a big way.

An extremely high level of safety is also extremely important. After all, many of their best locations are literally on top of the building. Someone horsing around and doing something stupid could actually fall far enough away from the bar to actually die. This is something they have to watch constantly in order to make sure their reputation remains good. They go to great lengths to insure the safety of visitors as well and strict rules are in place. If you have a setting that uses an elevated area or fire you should have strict rules as well.

Service is top-notch. While not every place in the area can be said to be high-class and safe they can. It is something that drives the high quality and price of their business. If they were to slack off on it all they would likely go out of business without a large amount of time passing. Therefore it is the lifeblood of their work, as it should be for you as well if you run a bar to make money. It has led to many great reviews for them.

Cutting edge design is always a part of the setting and they use many of the trends we have talked about here, such as cushioned areas of pools so that people can take a short nap while properly sunning themselves as well. Due to this they have to put in a lot of work but it is worth it. Events are held regularly to impress guests as well, similar to ones we talked about before.

While you probably can’t afford quite the level of Outdoor Furniture that they have you can learn from their ideas. Think about all the ways in which they are one of the best places to relax on earth and see if you can copy a few.