White Style and the Four Seasons Mumbai

Four Seasons Mumbai PoolA unified theme, in this case a high-class, clean setting, is what really matters to most people. They have that here in spades. From the serving equipment to the lounges everything works together to give you a feeling that this is one solid, unified design. Nothing is out of place and everything convinces you that there is order and safety there. If you can build the same atmosphere where you work and/or live then you will also have created something absolutely magical.

Service, as you might expect, is also paramount in this location. Everyone always has to be on their best behavior because guests pay for the courtesy of such service. You should try to deliver the same treatment as them whenever possible. Even if a customer is upset about your setting you need to still treat them well.

What they do not talk about is the fact that you should probably expect a bare minimum of courtesy from them as well. If they want a refund for a bad meal that is fine, but if they are drunk and rowdy they should at least be escorted to their room and away from other guests. Nothing can ruin the atmosphere of your furniture and establishment faster than someone who is being rough and rowdy for no reason.

While the food may have an exotic flair and the same can be said for the drinks there is something unmistakably comfortable to anyone, of any culture, who goes there. It looks like a top-quality establishment and certainly is. Having widespread appeal for everyone who could possibly visit your place of business is something that sets the best workers apart from those who are out of business. Attempt to welcome everyone no matter who they are in your own setting as well.

That being said there is a distinctly rich atmosphere to some of the more private areas there. Having an exclusive feel while still offering something for everyone is quite valuable as well. It is how many of the greatest stores and even websites in the world have garnered a special level of clientele that is willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the best  food, drinks and service that anyone can provide.

They of course offer services for people in multiple languages so that everyone can enjoy things there, if they have the money. Depending on where you are in the world this could be another avenue for growth there. While it may cost a bit more to have multilingual staff in various areas it is often worth it. You have to stand out when you are offering service of this quality and cost. Try to bring VIP treatment to your place of business as well.

So the normal lessons of style are there but there is another as well, you do not have to design just for a culture. Outdoor Furniture located all over the establishment draws influences from designers across the world. So multicultural appeal is also valuable. They spice things up with new pieces and stay on top of trends as well.


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