Naturally Heating an Outdoor Bar

Fire Pit Bar LoungeIf you are wondering why we have two articles on weather and bars next to each other it is not by accident. Due to changing weather patterns and the shifting of the seasons it is important to know how to manage your temperature. Today we will talk about heating everything up in specific terms. From drinks to the décor itself there are many things you can do to keep everyone warm no matter what time of the year it is.

When first constructing your bar you should keep in mind which materials best absorb/reflect the heat and cold. Metals and plastics hold the heat of the sun fairly well so they are good choices for creating your bar if you are sure that the weather is going to be cold for a very long time or if you are moving into a season. Switching pieces out depending on the time of the year can be very handy for you as well. Keep in mind though that some, such as a few metals, also hold in the cold too so they may not be the best choices.

Designing for air flow is important as well. Ideally you want to have a semi-enclosed area somewhere that blocks the blustery wind when it gets very cold as well. You could even have enclosures that fold up or down as the weather changes in order to handle the heat or cold in a novel way. Make sure that none of your more inebriated guests manage to get their hands on the controls to this, obviously.

Having a seasonal drink menu is quite useful for areas that suffer from a sudden cold snap as well. It allows you to warm people up without much effort on your own part and you can make some additional money from it because people will pay more to celebrate the season as well.

Something else to note is that you should have some open areas to let a bit of fresh air in, even if it is quite cold. A brisk breeze can actually be quite refreshing for many people who are sitting back and enjoying a drink as well. Weather can also turn at times so you should make sure you do not create an area which is too stuffy.

You probably already realized this but having a pool or other water feature is not so good when working on this. However if you have the money to buy the specialized equipment for it you could freeze it to a point where it is actually safe to skate and hang out on. This can cost you a large amount of money but brings a novelty act which few can compete with, for obvious reasons. Try to save it in other areas such as having an all-in-one bar.

Whatever outdoor patio furniture you decide to go with there are thousands of workable options. You may even decide to go with a standard fire for your area which has a unique charm in itself. Just make sure to stay safe in that case and keep vulnerable items away from it.


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