Winter Events and Bars

Winter Bar ExampleWinter is coming, as you surely already know. For some reading this temperatures have already dropped and you may have even received some snow. Therefore we want to talk about how to turn all of this to your advantage, as we have done in recent articles as well. It can be a time of wonder and majesty for those who frequent your business or visit your home. Some of the best memories of their lives can be made there if you manage to create the right setting for them and we want to help you do that.

So how do you manage an event at a bar? It really depends on who you cater to. For family bars or ones at hotels, resorts, etc. you will want to go big. For example think skating rinks and hot chocolate instead of harder drinks. Festive decorations and maybe even some fun hats for people. If you have an adult setting then you could also go with events like that but karaoke is a big winner as well. Dance floors on ice and other adult-oriented settings work as well.

Outdoor Furniture selection is vital here, as you might expect. You will need pieces that can stand up to the temperatures or even warm up guests in some situations. In either case it is very important to shop around in these cases. Heated seating can be an awesome choice if you can afford it. Just be sure that your guests understand how to use it so that they can stay warm. Also having some overhangs or other shelter is immensely useful because you never know when it could start raining or snowing out of nowhere.

Music is of course a huge part of this. Go with classic Christmas songs selected for your atmosphere. For example go with party songs if that is what your bar is about. Otherwise go with classier touches over time if you want a laid-back setting. In any case you probably have a good idea of what your guests or friends want. Try not to go with any songs that would really annoy a listener, although that is subjective so it can be difficult.

Charitable donations are another area that you should keep in mind. If you have an event you might want to have all proceeds donated to a certain charity. You can take them off of your taxes and it inspires goodwill. Just make sure not to bother people too much with this since in a lot of places we are bothered year round to donate more and do more for various nonprofit organizations. Some areas like the Golden Nugget change their entire setting during winter.

Most of all your wait staff needs to be cheerful and maybe even wear some costumes themed around the holidays. Every little bit helps and counts towards making people feel like they can relax and do great things during this period, no matter how it works. Be sure that your own people feel at home as well because it will reflect in their service if they are unhappy.




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