Learning from the Alux Caverna Lounge

Alux Caverna Interior SeatingAlux Restaurant and Lounge has often made international headlines for the naturally beauty of the area paired with the modern dining appointments you would never expect to find in any sort of cave. They combine classic looks with ultra-modern serving and dishes for a truly amazing effect. In a way the entire setting is both indoors and outdoors at the same which lends it a charm that few can match and you need to learn from if at all possible.

The Alux Caverna is literally located own a flight of stairs in a cave. While the above area is quite nice the inner sections are what people come for. Carved out of a natural cave there are elegant dining spaces with artistic dishes and fine wines. All of these are lit by candlelight and other sources around the light. The area is perpetually a bit dim but not extremely dark, lending a special mood to any dining experience you might have there. It has a calm atmosphere for diners which helps them relax.

Private parties and family gatherings take there and offer international cuisine. The décor is of course always a topic of conversation since that is part of the spectacle. If there is any way you could take advantage of a nearby wooded area, cave or even lake we would advise you to look into it. It is amazing what architects can do these days while still maintaining the overall beauty of the area in a sustainable way.

Patio Furniture in this area is not quite the same as in others, because the cave itself is the main focus. However that makes it even more interesting as technically the place functions much like an outdoor, natural area. While there are certainly many installations to keep people comfortable the natural geography of the area helps you explore nature there. They do have a patio-style area but it is not really the focus of course, as you might imagine. Instead lounging furniture, in the style that you would find on a patio in places, covers a large part of the establishment.

Even if you cannot manage to create a truly amazing natural wonder yourself it is still fine. By simply using nearby trees and water features in your own design you can create similarly amazing effects as well. It’s up to you how much time and effort you would like to put into all of this but it is probably worth it for you in the long run, no matter what reason you are doing it for.

If you want to check all of this out for yourself you can simply visit their site. Perhaps you will see something that the many reviewers for news sites have overlooked. Finding your own inspiration is important as usual, in this area as much as in any other. At the very least you should be able to understand what we mean when we are talking about how the décor is brought together by the furniture and atmosphere itself.


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