Cleveland Revitalizes Bar and Restaurant Districts

Bar Cleveland by NightCleveland was once known for the many bars in their districts. An area of the country which is famous for culture, art and parties Cleveland has a special place in the hearts of many. Former dwellers often come back to relive the memories that made their life there so exciting and they want to hang out at many bars in the area. However over the years many areas became dilapidated and run down which led to major downturns in tourism and local enjoyment as well.

Cleveland has many scenic locations that always draw people in such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However we aren’t talking about those today. Today we’re talking about the many smaller joints that give the place unique charm. That have their own style and way of creating memories for everyone who enjoys a drink there, all year round. So this is our salute to those and a lesson on how to create that style in your own home or business as well.

The Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern (yet another example of businesses working together) is one of these. With a massive food and drink selection it also has a music scene. Pretty much every single element you would need for a popular local establishment, all in one simple package. As such they have a special setting which makes everyone there feel like they have truly come home.

But what about the area in general? Many pieces of contemporary outdoor furniture have been repaired or improved to look even better as well. Improvement is what this is all about after all. Workers are pushing for quality establishments harder than before and the work is clearly paying off for those involved. People are eating there more often as well which is great for business.

Another example of this change is the Bourbon Street Barrel Room. They have been there for almost two decades but didn’t always have the same lively style. Now they have incredible acts along with new offerings such as ice cream shops and galleries. It’s a mini-mall of a sort but is also a part of the revitalization as well. So even those not running a bar or restaurant can benefit from the revitalization.

As always you can expect local media to take note of individual bars and other places of interest when something like this happens. So that’s another reason to do it. While we certainly have repeated this point quite a bit it is no less important for anyone who has a reason to get noticed for their design work or even for their own simple home.


If you live in an area that has seen better days then the first step you can take is to improve your own business. Many others will follow suit and you can even get the local government involved in funding all this. The story in Cleveland is far from unique but it is no less inspiring for that. So when you need some ideas look to this famous city which turned many things around.



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