Learning from the Edge of Waikiki

The Edge of Waikiki BarThe Edge of Waikiki is an incredible hotspot in Hawaii that attracts people throughout the world. Their style is second to none in this area so there is much to be learned about drawing attention to your own business through this as well. From the drinks to the infinite pool nearby every aspect of this location is set up for everyone to enjoy the general atmosphere. If you can bring this same level of care to your own area then you could have the same level of publicity.

They have a special name for their cocktails which are known as “Vint-Edge”ones. These particular ones mix some local style with more modern liquors of today. This mix of classics with new additions insures that everything stays fresh for those in the area as well.

So what else lends to the atmosphere? Having both a beach and pool in (and around) the establishment creates atmosphere without the employees really having to do much. Other than keep it clean of course. No one wants to walk on a beach littered with trash or have a pool with other dirty items floating around.

The edge of Wakiki has had many stories written about this establishment but Yelp reviews might paint a better picture. Low prices and a great atmosphere sell people on this area. Despite a few low reviews overall they’re seen as one of the most amazing places to hang out in Hawaii, which is an area filled with amazing places to hang out of all kinds. We’ll be sure to discuss some others as well.

Of course this beautiful area is just part of a larger business, the Sheraton Waikiki. The overall hotel also offers many more offerings for patrons from accommodations to entertainment. As such the addition of this onto the larger business really improves the entire setting as a whole. On that node this is just one edge of the area and has the Edge infinity pool there, in a larger setting with additional clubs and even fitness areas.

Outdoor Bar Stools are in the distinctly Hawaiian style as you might expect. But they go a bit further and don’t just have a Tiki lounge. Pieces are carefully cleaned and maintained with all the entertainment amenities you would expect. Even live Hawaiian bands are on stage there at times during the day and night.

Having a crowd to cater to is very important as well so location matters when you are designing. If you do not have a well-traveled area how is anyone ever going to see your creations? In this area the location thrives as well. With over a thousand rooms there are always people who want to relax and enjoy a cool drink. So make sure that your location has enough people to visit as well. The same rule goes for even more famous locations.

High-quality food is another draw for the area since many of their dishes have won awards for cuisine. So people can expect the very best when staying there and trying out the other establishments as well.




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