The Best and Worst from the 5-Point

5-Point CafeOne restaurant/bar has critics doing more than talking. It has them disagreeing with each other and with the regular fans of the place as well. So what is going on with all of this talk? We’ll discuss how it all goes on as well. Sometimes an area can be so famous and well-liked that people keep coming back no matter what happens. So what sets all of this apart? Several things that you many designers and business owners simply do not understand at first.

What is so confusing about the restaurant is that people both love and hate it. Many critics have written poor reviews about it but they do nothing. Hometown fans keep flocking to the area for the atmosphere and food no matter what anyone says. When you create a certain sort of reputation nothing can stop you.

Terrible food, rude staff and horrible diners at nearby tables have driven many tourists and also critics off. By many reviews from both the media and the general public this place is absolutely terrible. Basically they are known for doing everything wrong with their business. Their reputation precedes them whenever anyone has heard about the area and wants to experience a new sort of dining establishment.

In many cases servers have been reported to not pay much attention to outdoor dining tables and other places where guests are seated. You could be waiting for quite some time for your food and only have basic furniture to look at. Nothing is particularly noteworthy about that either. It’s the standard type of pieces which you would probably expect from any bar.

Right now you are probably asking why all of this is allowed at the establishment. The reason is simple, it is their gimmick. The long-time fans who come there regularly to enjoy some food and a drink do not do it for the normal atmosphere. They do it because they can curse as much as they want while listening to music that is way too loud and eating food which is much too greasy. Not everyone’s cup of tea is to have a relaxing meal with a warm drink. Some people just like to cause trouble and perhaps hang out with some other people who want to cause trouble as well. A lack of fancy decorations also helps this.

So what is the lesson here, be really rude and you will be rewarded? Not particularly, although you could take it as such. Their very slogan is “we cheat tourists-n-drunks since 1929”. We are serious, it’s on their online menu. They mean it as well since image is everything with them. When you come in you should be ready for drunks, strippers and uncouth service people who are willing to swear at you if you treat them badly. All of this creates a culture which keeps people coming back because they feel like they are a part of something.

Creating your own setting is important from the décor to how people treat it each. Choose one that makes people happy and you cannot go wrong.

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