Austin Encourages Sidewalk Bars

Austin BarAustin Texas city council members have decided to promote establishments which want to serve food outside on their patios, balconies and the like. While you may not live there it is something for you to take a look at if your local area has strict ordnances on all of this. We’ll also talk about trends which may complicate these matters in the long run. As always these events can change and change businesses with them at the drop of a hat.

Council authorities relaxed restrictions on all of this. It was a unanimous decision which allows areas with kitchens to serve food. Alcohol will also be served outside due to this which concerns some, which we will be talking about shortly. Basically this allows guests there to fully enjoy outdoor furniture and atmosphere in ways they never could before, at least in Austin.

If your own area has ordinances about serving food and drinks outside you should keep changes like this in mind. If you are able to get the world of some city officials you could change all of this over time. Be sure to let them know about the benefits of such a setup. These are of course not limited to increased profits for the business but if they enjoy eating at your establishment they could use this as well. In the same way this ordinance was passed after the owner of Dusty’s Bar and Lounge asked the city to work with this.

As always those serving all of this will need to have proper licenses to do business and will need liquor licenses to actually serve customers outside. Most of the businesses in the area have this, all of them in downtown do obviously. Austin has moved forward in a variety of ways in recent years, making it one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the south. Not everyone is being allowed to do this, 70 percent or more of your business needs to come from the sale of food or drinks.

Outdoor Furniture will not have to change much for businesses to take advantage of this. Since high-quality furniture at many bars can be used in any area it is very easy to manage all of this. Many stools are easy to move from one area to another.

Not everyone is thrilled about this. People such as Police Chief Brian Krueger are annoyed that the ordinance passed. Why? Because drinking outside often causes some serious problems for those related to the setting. Rowdy customers can sometimes cause serious problems. For many the risk is worth it so they are going to go with the ordnance anyway. The extra summer traffic helps.

If you live in a similar town keep in mind that this can change as well. For example your town may ban outdoor eating due to smokers. Some people believe that you should always cut down on any smoking, even if some eaters will be smoking anyway. Ideas can change at the drop of a hat and you should modify your seating accordingly.

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