Farmers, Fishers, Bakers Bar Teaches us About Summer

Farmers Fishers Bakers BarFarmers Fishers Bakers, without commas, is how many people know this establishment. This mid-sized pub in Washington has received international interest for the way they decorate the establishment and the variety of food they offer. Drinks are also a big part of this for many patrons who go there to relax after work as well. Reservations are needed for the establishment but these are often worth it due to the unique charm that comes when you visit such an interesting area.

The décor at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers is quite unique. Most of this is because they teamed up with nearby architects and designers to create pieces which were quite strange. Sculpted woodwork, decorative jars and even full paintings are all a part of the décor there. This makes it quite a sight to behold even if you are just visiting for a brunch meeting or other tiny event.

Only extremely skilled chefs are invited to the establishment and the same goes for artists as well. Those pushing the envelope in design for both areas are allowed to flex their design muscles in an environment which is warm and welcoming to such ideas. As such the area is extremely modern and has some of the best equipment possible for those working there. Customers should expect the same treatment as those treated well on the staff.

Items that stand out aren’t all of the décor of course. Aside from those they also have cozy, well-lit tables with a home-style atmosphere which puts patrons at peace. All of this helps people feel comfortable while still feeling impressed. This is something essential for running any good eatery or bar because people need to feel like they belong whenever you are working with them as well.

Their Outdoor Furniture has the same sort of style as indoors. Crafted wood and molded steel with a clean sheen and good maintenance are things that everyone should take note of. You simply cannot go wrong with many of these. If they have been turned into unusual and innovative shapes then that is even better for you.

As far as food and drinks they have higher-class fare with some varied dishes. Sushi is a constant dish for them but they have a large number of different vintages and foods to fit with anyone. At around $15-20 for a plate it falls in the higher level of eateries but not at the top level where each dish could be hundreds of dollars. As always you can charge more when your design impresses people.

So what does this teach us? We should always be trying new things. If you run a business you should get involved with local artists and even buy some of their wares. They can give you the unique look needed to put your business on top. It may even allow you to draw in a completely new crowd. As always the business itself matters so be sure to match your food and drinks to this as they did, as well.



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