Should Smoking be Banned in your Bar?

Smoking BanSmoking bans are gaining popularity in many sections of the world. Should you follow suit? We’ll discuss your options there and how you can either go with the crowd there or attract a niche audience to your bar or other business. This is a huge decision though and not one which should be made lightly. Therefore you should put a lot of thought into this before making your own decision. Otherwise you could be pushing a large section of your fan base away in either direction.

For some of you the answer is simple and clear, you aren’t allowed to do anything other than ban it. This happens when state and federal laws give you no choice in the matter but to comply. You could of course try to keep it a secret from them but that is problematic in other ways, the biggest one being that it basically makes you an outlaw. Not really something you would want to do in most circumstances.

On the other hand the issue is not simply going away. The smoking ban is gaining international traction due to stories like this. People all over the world are discussing the issue with supporters on each side trying to push their point of view. Arguments continue to heat up from America to Japan where many people have distinctly different viewpoints in each of these situations as well. No matter who you are it’s worth taking note of.

Going with the ban is the choice that many are making. Customer health is important and at the very least it is completely proven that smoking is not good for you. On these terms and on simple popularity many have already decided to institute their own rules on it. For those with a health-centered establishment you probably already had this rule but never thought very much of it. It was just a natural conclusion to draw when you started the business.

Your contemporary outdoor furniture will often end up in better shape from this. But even with all the positive factors this might not be the best choice for you and your establishment. If you have a large number of clients who enjoy smoking then you need to keep that. Especially if you sell any items on the premises as well. It can really hurt people and your sales if you manage to alienate them.

Another question is whether to ban e-cigarettes. Long-term studies of these are still being done so we do not have a ton of scientific evidence on this. Many fear that the results will end up showing some troubling statistics. Whether this is the right decision we will only be able to tell later. Check with local bars as well and see what they are doing.

If you decide to stick with it you can create a niche crowd that will grow larger as bans expand. If you have one of the only places to smoke comfortably in a city that’s a huge bonus. You can take all the customers who left the other areas because it was banned.




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