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Learning from Post Moderne, an Upscale Outdoor Bar

Post Moderne Outdoor FurniturePost Moderne’ has an unusual name for a bar-restaurant that is trying to stand out from some very tough competition in the Washington area. There is a lot to learn from such a setting especially because they have become very popular in the area.

Everything about the business is hypermodern as well. They do have some traditional booths but even those are maintained to a high standard. Everything seems like a lot of effort is put into it each day. This is simply something that you need to do when there are so many other restaurants with amazing outdoor furniture and other items which can rival yours. Only the best can impress people in this age.

A big part of their charm is the fact that they define themselves as a brasserie. Basically the French word for brewery, it’s similar to a local pub combined with a deli. However this one is different from both of those because it is so high-class. Most of the time in France these establishments are dignified but a bit more casual. Not so much here. Standing out, even if it is just with a name, is extremely important.

Sustainability is key so they order organic items and cook with sustainable methods. Even the wines are picked out with an interest in the brewers having made them in a sustainable manner. This has made the area a cultural hotspot for those who are ecologically minded. It also serves as a secondary theme for the establishment as well. Just being high-class isn’t enough to move to the top of the culinary world, you need to bring in people with other aspects of your business.

Patio Furniture is of course similarly high-class there. Luxurious cushions are put across much of the seating and carved wood/steel are part of the establishment in many locations. Everything is expertly cleaned and maintained so that it works to the highest standard. Not all of it is intricate or woven in a way that looks like they are doing too much. In fact several of the wood pieces simply have a smooth, clean finish.

There is a slight air of elitism with this that you find anywhere with top-quality settings. You are supposed to make reservations when you can. Dressing for the setting is important as well, although we’re unsure about their current dress code. For those who want to charge a premium price for their wines and dishes this is absolutely essential. It helps you justify the fact that some of your prices may be a bit above the cheaper establishments.

Finding the right balance between the classic and modern is something everyone wants when working with a high-class bar or restaurant. Post Moderne’ seems to have hit the sweet spot for patrons there. We can all learn something from that and should strive to improve our own homes as well as businesses. After all a drink tastes just a bit better when you are in an atmosphere where you can enjoy it.



A Look at Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Zinburger Wine and Burger BarZinburger Wine & Burger Bar combines two very unusual tastes into one location. So we’ll be looking at why they went with this and how to decorate with an area that has such different tastes. In many ways they are going against the traditional design aesthetics with this. Will it work for them or possibly even you? We’ll be discussing that as well. It’s part of a new sort of restaurant that has a good reason for their changing patterns.

The décor contains quite a bit of beautiful wood furnishings and has a classic appeal despite having a modern finish. All of these are things that prospective business owners or restaurateurs want to have in their own setting. If you can get the same sort of beautiful furnishings then you can have a successful business like this one as well, no matter what you serve.

Fire Pit Tables are part of the atmosphere as well. Each of their chefs and attendants makes sure that people feel at home there. Warm environments and inviting demeanor are chief aspects of their setting. It takes more than just having an amazing table set. You need to make people feel like they are in a special setting where everyone cares about them there. It is the only way to keep everyone coming back and really appreciating your restaurant or bar.

So how do you fit burgers with wine? You stick with one style but offer food of all types. This is a new trend with many restaurants and outdoor bars. Creating a mish-mash of styles to fit everything is not something that even the newest establishments do. Instead this is a classy, upscale take with burgers that fit in with the gourmet trend. It’s no dive for those who want to relax. So unity in design is essential here as usual.

Outdoor settings are also quite posh. On the other hand they serve sloppy jokes and special desserts. Dozens of cocktails round out the menu. You will spend a bit more in this area but you pay for the sheer luxury here. People are willing to pay more when they are truly impressed with the offerings and atmosphere of any establishment. We would suggest that you aim for the similarly impressive setting as well.

Publicity around the opening is important as well. Alternative menu choices like veggie burgers is important for this as well. Everyone wants to look different as well. Fresh food is vital because most people can tell whether something is stale or fresh-cooked for them. They cook to order which can take a bit of time but it is often worth the wait.

Outdoor furniture there is complimentary like the food, mixing tastes as you might expect. We’ve talked about that before but variation works for most people. Having a few pieces of all types that stand out from others but compliment them as well. Do your dishes work together and does your outdoor furniture fit with the indoor? Ask yourself that and you might learn something.


Mardi Gras Bars and the Polar Vortex

Mardi Gras FloatMardi Gras is an international gathering spot for those who want to lose their inhibitions. This year however things may get a bit cold. Due to some serious changes in weather patterns a polar vortex may be in order for the area and much of the south. While we cannot say for sure that this still change things it is a risk factor that many are taking note of. So what impact will this have on furniture design? We will discuss that with you today.

One important factor to keep in mind is that Mardi Gras happens all over the country. So no matter where you are you might want to stay extra warm or cool this time. Today we’ll just be focusing on the warm aspects due to the interesting weather patterns which have been coming up. Climates are changing although the reasons why are better discussed in another blog. We’re here for furniture and design.

‘It seems everyone is doing their own list of tips on this. We’ll go over some similar ones and also give you some new ideas. Fire pit tables are a great choice for any owners who want to create a new sort of setting and an additional cooking area if you own a restaurant. It can be very expensive but is most often worth it due to the fun atmosphere which this creates. Just make sure that no children get too close to these and end up burning themselves.

In some areas we may actually see some very harsh weather. As usual this means that you either need some sort of shelter for the items or incredibly durable pieces. It might actually pay off to have durable pieces during the party because this celebration can get more than a bit rowdy. Pieces which easily soak up a lot of liquid are probably not a great choice.

Outdoor Furniture should also be resilient and not hold standing water. Why? Because that water can freeze causing serious problems including cracks in the design. Frozen water can easily break just about any chair apart and even some tables. Natural conditions are your biggest enemy with outdoor furniture. Rowdy patrons are the second biggest one.

Offering warm hand towels or even scarves can be great ways to show your clients or visitors that you care. Going that extra way is extremely important to most people. If you take care of them then they will often take care of you as well. It is not about owing someone something but more about making them feel welcome and at home. Celebratory events themed for winter can work too.

At the same time you may want to serve some warmer drinks as well. A bit out of the spirit of Mardi Gras but very useful for those really cold nights where things are literally freezing over with people. Having a warm body goes a long way to improving your all-around atmosphere anywhere. Do not slack on that even if you have to charge a bit more for all of this as well.



Lessons from Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Hanson's Shoe Repair ImageWhat kind of bar goes by the name Hanson’s Shoe Repair? One themed for the speakeasies of the past which posed as other establishments. Sometimes a really strange name can work if you manage to charm your customers with it and get them into the spirit. That is something every outdoor bar or indoor establishment owner needs to know about. Furniture design is of course a big part of helping people feel comfortable like this.

Hanson’s Shoe Repair has a very strange name for many residents. However it is part of their theme which has enchanted so many. When people visit the area everything comes together in order to create an environment which makes each customer feel like they are in an actual speakeasy. Because of this it’s a relaxing atmosphere which feels like a private club because in many ways it is. People love to feel like they are a part of something special and unique.

One strange and very interesting thing that they do is make it so that the club is somewhat difficult to get access to. Visitors are expected to call ahead and schedule an appointment for their drinks. While many people would see this as a terrible idea it worked for them. Once again people feel like they are special and are getting special service due to the fact that they are elite members in a small area.

Classic portraits, shoes, and other knick-knacks from the area make people feel like they have stepped back in time. Creating a coherent theme with your furniture and decorations is incredibly important. No matter what sort of business you run this is an extremely important part.

Here Outdoor Furniture surprisingly fits with a normal speakeasy. They are on the third floor so the views on the highly raised areas are quite nice. Most of the action goes on inside though. It’s important to have those views no matter what sort of bar you have. If you do not have one then you may want to relocate in the future so that your clients can enjoy the new area.

You may not want to go with a private speakeasy either. It can work for you if you are selling high-end items but maybe you want it to be more inviting. A warm fireplace with some relaxing music can create a tavern-style feel. From an era when people simply went to a local bar without needing to fear prohibition and were welcome at any time. Other businesses have used this to great effect many times.

If you do not have a clear theme and are just a bar we would suggest changing things around. People love the novelty of having a theme which helps them feel excited or relaxed depending on what you are going for. It helps people feel comfortable with spending their hard-earned money on your drinks. Some people become unswervingly loyal to the bars which do this so that is something you should focus on with your business as well. Perhaps you should even have a club house setting.


Outdoor Bar Lessons from Gartenfest

Gartenfest ImageDue to the fact that Germanic people have spread throughout the western world German celebrations are quite popular throughout multiple continents. So we’ll be looking at the Gartenfest, which is one of the larger ones. While it doesn’t happen in quite as many places as Oktoberfest it is worth learning about. We will of course be talking about that celebration later on as well but it is a bit overdone online today since practically every site talks about that.

Beer is the big connection to outdoor bars here. At the same time German food goes particularly well with many brews due to the strength, savor and salt connected to it. It’s a natural sort of bar food and drives many establishments. This is why, no matter where you go, you probably have some sort of German restaurant or bar offering interesting fare. It is not for everyone but those who really enjoy it are practically addicted.

German-American celebrations are popular in any form in America. Gartenfest is one of the largest and we’ll be talking about the celebration in Cape Coral. As with so many different celebrations in this vein it refers to transitions. Transition to a livelier season in this case since it happens in the spring. It is a celebration of flourishing new life. Festivals have bright colors, music and a general attitude of happiness.

Creating an atmosphere of cultural unity and sometimes exotic exploration is valuable here. While the traditional tables and seating are the most common there are also new designs featured. You can see unexpected floral patterns and even German flags in some areas. Color and interest in all things related to the celebration are vital in this area.

Interestingly enough many older patrons who traveled to Germany really love this style of food. They take their families to bars and restaurants serving distinct dishes all the time. While this is declining as some members pass away it’s still a major source of business. So this is an important aspect you should keep in mind as many families are still quite interested in bringing their respected grandparents here. In some cases they may have developed a taste for it from their visits as well.

Outdoor Furniture here differs little from what you would normally see. You would however see many decorations for the event, as you would expect. Having a festive, green and floral atmosphere is absolutely essential to promoting this celebration of life. There are of course practically unlimited ways to do this so you have to put your imagination to the test with this if you really want to create something unique.

Having a wide variety of different dishes and activities is vital to creating a bar. Assorted drinks are a must-have for any bar, not just here. Having an international theme to these is a real draw for many people of course so try to incorporate that. Many of you reading this probably already do this so we don’t really need to tell you this again of course. Variety and novelty matter quite a bit anywhere.



Exploring Dubai Bars

Dubai Bar ImageDubai is a place with a rich history and interesting climate. So how did this grow into a major resort spot over time? We’ll discuss that for you as many analysts did not see this coming many years back. However now it’s both an amazing place for many businesses and bars. It allows you to see some amazing settings in a climate that can be a bit harsh. You may come up with some of your own ideas if your climate can be similarly hot.

While you might think that they only fit in one style the interiors and sometimes exteriors of each bar run the gamut of all types. From Chinese grills to sports bars they have every sort of bar in this area. This is what happens when an area attempts to gather style from all over the world and succeeds. It is something that any great bar designer wants to do for at least one of their projects.

So what do so many bars in Dubai have in common? An “Oasis” theme is rather popular. For those unfamiliar with the area this makes sense. Many parts of Dubai are extremely hot and there are desert settings in quite a bit of the area as well. People want an escape from all of this when they make it to the top so it only makes sense that this theme would be used.

What many people don’t realize is that areas like this can also get incredibly cold as well. So shelter and proper climate control are must-haves in sections like this. During night you can literally have people freezing at times. Those who have lived in such an area or are familiar with geography know about this. The lesson to take from this? Make sure you are prepared for all weather unless you are absolutely sure it’ll stay at a certain level.

Of course restaurant outdoor furniture is both ultramodern and highly resilient, two things we talk about a lot here. Most of them are high-dollar as well since they are so impressive. Bright lights and peak technology are invaluable parts of this. Music and the most popular drinks round out offerings in many of these areas. An atmosphere of elitism is part of many of these so keep that in mind as well.

As with so many other bars the natural beauty of the area is vital as well. Whether it is landscaped to look amazing or is just part of the natural view there is a certain appeal to each area. If you can create a similar setting in your own bar you should. This can however run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars so you should only do this if it is going to be a serious investment for a real, powerful business. An air of dignity is important here as well, as we’ve seen in other famous bars.

Security is another important aspect which they beefed up. Dubai has not always been the safest area of the world but after many improvements it now is incredibly safe for anyone to relax in. This is key for your area as well.


Drinking Lessons from the Greengate Ranch and Vineyard

Greengate Ranch ImageWe usually go over restaurants and more traditional bars. However today we’ll be going over the Greengate Ranch which is a high-end establishment where connoisseurs can go to taste various vintages. Sweeping hills mixed with rustic buildings are a big part of the charm. But they also incorporate state-of-the-art game rooms and impressive bedroom suites for those who want to sit back and relax there. Wine tastings and excellent food are other offerings as well.

Grapevines are just one of the many aspects of this location that gives it a special charm. It’s not primarily a brewing spot but instead an amazing gathering place for weddings, business events and much more. Distinguished clubs also meet here to enjoy the rustic style. Why is this important? Because your own home or business can use a similar style to create an absolutely amazing effect.

As you might expect outdoor patio furniture is of course in a rustic style with the highest quality of wood. It is all treated to stand up to any weather which might come towards the ranch. An excellent climate allows you to have relaxing events there under most circumstances though. Full ranch vineyards are on site as well so that you can sample some fresh local wines as well. While it certainly gets better with age certain vintages have a unique charm here.

When working on your own gathering area or remodeling any building you should try to preserve the beautiful aspects. For example some of the original barns were remodeled and the architects did their best to preserve any aspects which they could. There are even horses on the farm so that those who really want to join in on the rustic fun can enjoy a relaxing ride. It’s not for everyone but has great appeal for those who like this style.

All of this discussion has led to some interesting reviews of the setting. Indoor and outdoor furniture is all arranged perfectly to fit with large groups and also small numbers of guests enjoying the hotel portion of the area. As you might expect style like this does not come cheap so guests are happy to pay for some expensive drinks and food. It is just what they have come to expect.

Landscaping is vital in this area as with any other. However here they have to tend their vineyards anyway which lets them kill two birds with one stone when they are building the business. The staff still needs to put in a great deal of work due to the large area they care for but at the same time they do not have to deal with a completely different ranch.

As a business manager you probably already understand why this place has become so successful. Everything is set up perfectly to cater to one subset of customer and it simply works. It works to bring in the money that the staff need to keep everything running efficiently. Technology melds with country style in order to create an amazing setting.


Miami Bar Style

Miami Bar ExampleMiami is an amazing city where fortunes have been won and lost over many years. Fame has always been something which you could garner with enough work and a lot of charisma. It was for many years a place for movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. It still is in many ways and the bars are famous there both for their style and the drinks that they serve. Bringing this into your own establishment or even home can really freshen things up.

Exploring the internet casually you will find dozens, or even hundreds, of sites extolling the virtues of Miami bars. While not all of them are as amazing as they are billed you can learn something from most. Charm is the word here because customers need to feel like they are someplace special.

For some simply hearing the name is what draws them. Indeed, being in a major city known around the world or at least around the country can be a huge benefit for you. You should keep in mind that your costs for rent and other important aspects of the business may raise tremendously though. You should also look into unique serving glasses.

So how did all this charm come about? Movies, books and much more all talk about how lively Miami is. For a while much of American television and movies centered on the area. While that trend has gone away somewhat there are still many people mystified by the location. Bringing that same sort of glamor to your own bar can be difficult but not impossible. We’ll talk about how to do this as well.

Even something as simple as having impressive decorations for outdoor dining tables can be useful for setting the mood. Lively colors and sleek textures for the nightlife are two extremely important aspects of this. Because of that you should look into the factors which create this. One of which is neon signs. A bit tacky at times they still have their place when there are just a few up. It works when you don’t overdo it.

One example is the Regent Cocktail Club. Focusing on what else, cocktails, it provides sleek style and Miami Beach settings. It has an understated mood at times with smooth jazz which allows people to relax. It doesn’t have the traditional dance club atmosphere but that makes it even more charming for many of their patrons.

Furniture is a huge part as everything from the inner seating to the outdoor patio chairs should be plush. In the case of the outdoor items they should be quite comfortable so that you can keep your guests feeling good even when they want to relax in warm weather. Be sure to look into this as well when choosing the best pieces possible. Keeping them in good condition is valuable as well, even when some of your customers have given them a rough night.

Drinks should match the atmosphere, whether it is lively or mature. Choose either bright colors or dark, refined ones to match the clientele you want to cater to.