Outdoor Bar Lessons from Gartenfest

Gartenfest ImageDue to the fact that Germanic people have spread throughout the western world German celebrations are quite popular throughout multiple continents. So we’ll be looking at the Gartenfest, which is one of the larger ones. While it doesn’t happen in quite as many places as Oktoberfest it is worth learning about. We will of course be talking about that celebration later on as well but it is a bit overdone online today since practically every site talks about that.

Beer is the big connection to outdoor bars here. At the same time German food goes particularly well with many brews due to the strength, savor and salt connected to it. It’s a natural sort of bar food and drives many establishments. This is why, no matter where you go, you probably have some sort of German restaurant or bar offering interesting fare. It is not for everyone but those who really enjoy it are practically addicted.

German-American celebrations are popular in any form in America. Gartenfest is one of the largest and we’ll be talking about the celebration in Cape Coral. As with so many different celebrations in this vein it refers to transitions. Transition to a livelier season in this case since it happens in the spring. It is a celebration of flourishing new life. Festivals have bright colors, music and a general attitude of happiness.

Creating an atmosphere of cultural unity and sometimes exotic exploration is valuable here. While the traditional tables and seating are the most common there are also new designs featured. You can see unexpected floral patterns and even German flags in some areas. Color and interest in all things related to the celebration are vital in this area.

Interestingly enough many older patrons who traveled to Germany really love this style of food. They take their families to bars and restaurants serving distinct dishes all the time. While this is declining as some members pass away it’s still a major source of business. So this is an important aspect you should keep in mind as many families are still quite interested in bringing their respected grandparents here. In some cases they may have developed a taste for it from their visits as well.

Outdoor Furniture here differs little from what you would normally see. You would however see many decorations for the event, as you would expect. Having a festive, green and floral atmosphere is absolutely essential to promoting this celebration of life. There are of course practically unlimited ways to do this so you have to put your imagination to the test with this if you really want to create something unique.

Having a wide variety of different dishes and activities is vital to creating a bar. Assorted drinks are a must-have for any bar, not just here. Having an international theme to these is a real draw for many people of course so try to incorporate that. Many of you reading this probably already do this so we don’t really need to tell you this again of course. Variety and novelty matter quite a bit anywhere.



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