Mardi Gras Bars and the Polar Vortex

Mardi Gras FloatMardi Gras is an international gathering spot for those who want to lose their inhibitions. This year however things may get a bit cold. Due to some serious changes in weather patterns a polar vortex may be in order for the area and much of the south. While we cannot say for sure that this still change things it is a risk factor that many are taking note of. So what impact will this have on furniture design? We will discuss that with you today.

One important factor to keep in mind is that Mardi Gras happens all over the country. So no matter where you are you might want to stay extra warm or cool this time. Today we’ll just be focusing on the warm aspects due to the interesting weather patterns which have been coming up. Climates are changing although the reasons why are better discussed in another blog. We’re here for furniture and design.

‘It seems everyone is doing their own list of tips on this. We’ll go over some similar ones and also give you some new ideas. Fire pit tables are a great choice for any owners who want to create a new sort of setting and an additional cooking area if you own a restaurant. It can be very expensive but is most often worth it due to the fun atmosphere which this creates. Just make sure that no children get too close to these and end up burning themselves.

In some areas we may actually see some very harsh weather. As usual this means that you either need some sort of shelter for the items or incredibly durable pieces. It might actually pay off to have durable pieces during the party because this celebration can get more than a bit rowdy. Pieces which easily soak up a lot of liquid are probably not a great choice.

Outdoor Furniture should also be resilient and not hold standing water. Why? Because that water can freeze causing serious problems including cracks in the design. Frozen water can easily break just about any chair apart and even some tables. Natural conditions are your biggest enemy with outdoor furniture. Rowdy patrons are the second biggest one.

Offering warm hand towels or even scarves can be great ways to show your clients or visitors that you care. Going that extra way is extremely important to most people. If you take care of them then they will often take care of you as well. It is not about owing someone something but more about making them feel welcome and at home. Celebratory events themed for winter can work too.

At the same time you may want to serve some warmer drinks as well. A bit out of the spirit of Mardi Gras but very useful for those really cold nights where things are literally freezing over with people. Having a warm body goes a long way to improving your all-around atmosphere anywhere. Do not slack on that even if you have to charge a bit more for all of this as well.



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