Learning from Post Moderne, an Upscale Outdoor Bar

Post Moderne Outdoor FurniturePost Moderne’ has an unusual name for a bar-restaurant that is trying to stand out from some very tough competition in the Washington area. There is a lot to learn from such a setting especially because they have become very popular in the area.

Everything about the business is hypermodern as well. They do have some traditional booths but even those are maintained to a high standard. Everything seems like a lot of effort is put into it each day. This is simply something that you need to do when there are so many other restaurants with amazing outdoor furniture and other items which can rival yours. Only the best can impress people in this age.

A big part of their charm is the fact that they define themselves as a brasserie. Basically the French word for brewery, it’s similar to a local pub combined with a deli. However this one is different from both of those because it is so high-class. Most of the time in France these establishments are dignified but a bit more casual. Not so much here. Standing out, even if it is just with a name, is extremely important.

Sustainability is key so they order organic items and cook with sustainable methods. Even the wines are picked out with an interest in the brewers having made them in a sustainable manner. This has made the area a cultural hotspot for those who are ecologically minded. It also serves as a secondary theme for the establishment as well. Just being high-class isn’t enough to move to the top of the culinary world, you need to bring in people with other aspects of your business.

Patio Furniture is of course similarly high-class there. Luxurious cushions are put across much of the seating and carved wood/steel are part of the establishment in many locations. Everything is expertly cleaned and maintained so that it works to the highest standard. Not all of it is intricate or woven in a way that looks like they are doing too much. In fact several of the wood pieces simply have a smooth, clean finish.

There is a slight air of elitism with this that you find anywhere with top-quality settings. You are supposed to make reservations when you can. Dressing for the setting is important as well, although we’re unsure about their current dress code. For those who want to charge a premium price for their wines and dishes this is absolutely essential. It helps you justify the fact that some of your prices may be a bit above the cheaper establishments.

Finding the right balance between the classic and modern is something everyone wants when working with a high-class bar or restaurant. Post Moderne’ seems to have hit the sweet spot for patrons there. We can all learn something from that and should strive to improve our own homes as well as businesses. After all a drink tastes just a bit better when you are in an atmosphere where you can enjoy it.



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