Lessons from Kilkenny House Restaurant and Pub

Kilkenny House Restaurant and PubIrish pub style has always been a classic choice both for UK and American bars. It has even spread out to smaller areas all over the world. Having a place to drink with a kind atmosphere is something anyone can appreciate. A bit of comfort food makes it even better for most people. Today we’ll be looking at a very popular place in this style, the Kilkenny House Restaurant and Pub. As you might expect they combine all the best aspects of this type of establishment into one cozy nook.

Despite being damaged severely in a hurricane the bar returned to service just a few weeks later. Firefighters worked nonstop in order to save the establishment. This is the sort of good will that a local business inspires when they create the right atmosphere. You cannot pay for people to treat you that well but you can get it for free if you manage to give them some amazing memories of your bar.

Outdoor Bar Stools and other furniture are all selected for a comfortable, casual look. Sometimes less is more and this is one of those cases. Many people simply do not want to feel like they have to go out and get dressed up just to have a good meal with some nice drinks. It’s a big part of the charm that you cannot create with design alone. It doesn’t hurt though, in many cases, since many memories are tied

Another big part of the positive atmosphere is that they’ll serve anything the patron’s want. They serve traditional Irish brews and dishes. But they’ll also bring out curry for guests who want it and spice up the menu in order to keep everyone happy to the same degree. So being flexible with your food and drinks does matter. The same can be said for your bar furniture as well. If you have the space you may even want to have different rooms as well.

Being featured as one of the best bars in an area takes something extra. People have to really love hanging out and eating with you in order to get that special appeal. Or you can spend some extra money on the publicity but who wants to do that? Practically no one in this day and age. So we would suggest working on your charm first.

Their style does not have to be yours though. In fact that might actually be a bad idea. Finding your own way in an area of the city is something important that all business owners need to do. The same could be said if you are just running a small business on the side of your home. Only those with incredibly huge amounts of money to burn can actually afford to spend the money needed in order to copy others and succeed.

Having a nice staff to go with vintage outdoor bar furniture is a big part of the puzzle as well.  It’s what separates a pub from a dive. They go a long way towards creating the atmosphere you want.


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