Planning an Outdoor Bar Development

Developed Bar AreaSo how do you actually get everything in order from the very start? With the huge number of licenses, permits and contractors needed to complete any project like this it can be a real pain. So today we’ll be discussing how you would go about developing your own outdoor bar. Much more than just choosing bar furniture you need to know all the various aspects and regulations in place to insure that people do not serve alcohol in the wrong areas or break tax laws.

In this case a performing arts center will be adding a bar. It will need a decent amount of construction and probably some additional licenses, although we would wager they already have liquor licenses. So it just comes down to the other factors. In their case it will probably be much easier than if they were doing this for a normal business. Because it’s basically a government institution so approval will likely be much easier.

Your first obstacle is approval of zoning and construction licenses. Any number of factors can lead to your request being denied. Even another nearby business may complain about the drinks or the volume of your outdoor bar. All of these factors can become more significant if they have any sort of sway with the leadership of the city as well. It can become a very complicated situation for you and for all of those involved if someone dislikes your setting.

Choosing a proper construction company or contractor is important no matter what type of establishment you have. Even private builders need to make sure that they have a great team for the project as well. So look over many different applications before you decide to go with one over the other. It’s the only way to make sure you are not burned during that starting portion of the event.

Of course contemporary outdoor furniture is a must for this sort of project. Unless you are going for a speakeasy or western style it helps everything look clean and up-to-date when you actually do decide to open the doors up and let people into the area. Make sure it fits with some theme you have for the overall area. In this case, with the Lincoln Center addition, they will probably go with an upper-class modern art theme. It just fits with everything else.

In this case they also have to be careful because the establishment will be set up near a small park. Not damaging the surrounding area is very important because everyone wants to respect green, organic design. Will your own project displace any woodlands or animals there? Consider that before you go to all the trouble of this. Most home projects don’t have to worry about this but a few do.

A board may also have to vote on whether to allow you to set all this up. This probably doesn’t apply unless you are running a business but it is something to think about. Keep in mind that even if one person likes you the rest may not. The process may also take place over several months, which could be very troublesome for a few people.



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