AOC Wine Bar Celebrity Appeal

AOC Wine Bar ImageAOC Wine Bar is one of the most famous indoor/outdoor bars in the entire world. So why this and what sets it apart? We’ll be discussing that for you so that you can take some of the same lessons for your own business. While you may not quite be able to reach that level you will at least be able to reach an entirely new sort of clientele. One which may have eluded you in the past. But is this right for your establishment and atmosphere? We’ll help you decide on that as well.

The bar comes up constantly as “journalists” are always talking about a celebration there. So what sets it apart? First is the fact that you can buy incredibly expensive items there. Outdoor furniture and indoor table settings are exquisitely appointed. Huge amounts of money were spent on this in order to create a feeling that you are in a place which cannot be replicated without spending a similar amount of money. Wine is of course a big part of this since they have vintages that run thousands of dollars.

One big part of this is the location. Los Angeles is a mecca for celebrities just, period. You won’t be able to replicate this unless you are in a similar big city like New York. IN that way there is of course an element that you cannot reproduce. So you may want to move there if you are actually looking to draw in some of the most famous people in the world. We don’t expect most readers to be shooting for that though.

But is this right for you? In many cases we would have to say it is not. Those who have a down-home and casual feel will not have this work for them. In fact it could actually drive people away if you decide to go with this. Creating an air of elitism is something that many people would like to avoid. In cases like these even a bit of wear might be good for the furniture. It could give it that used look people enjoy. Naturally cool settings don’t hurt either.

No expense is spared on outdoor patio furniture or any other item so the care for each setting is vital as well. We’ve talked about this before but no matter how much you spend if you do not take care of your setting it will easily wear out. It’ll gain a used look that drives off those who come there for the latest trends and most amazing seating arrangements. This is fine if you are going for a casual look but can ruin an upscale experience in moments.

Celebrities also have a magnetic impact on each other and the wealthy. Many people go to places like this just so they are noticed by journalists and made famous. Today it is easier than ever to get your 15 minutes of fame. You don’t even have to be talented to do so. You just have to have the money and notoriety to do this.

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