Hipster Bar Style

Spletni Bar ImageA hipster bar has become very popular in downtown Donetsk. Called Spletni the word means gossip in Russian. That is exactly what many visitors come to hear there in a very social atmosphere. So there are many lessons to be learned about branding and drawing groups. Due to this we’ll be studying the unique area of Kiev, Ukraine. It also gives us a look at a culture very different from many of those that we live in, unless some of our readers happen to be Russian.

Sometimes appealing to specific groups is the way to go. This is often the case with bars. Culture is a big part of why we enjoy design. Furniture can actually invoke feelings in us if we believe it was picked out just for us and our friends. That is what they did at this particular bar. Are you able to invoke any sort of emotion in your own clientele? You probably already do and should capitalize on that if you at all possible.

So it appeals to hipsters but in Russia that means something a bit different. It mostly refers to the growing middle class in a recovering country. Due to this their clientele is quite a bit more diverse than just pandering to a small subset of the culture. However instability has often led to this bar closing down due to a sheer lack of customers. So how did they handle it? By reopening of course.

After a closure due to problems with separatists they reopened with a similar design to the original and many of their clients came back. So this is a word to bar owners worried about more than just furniture. Don’t give up on it even when times are really rough. If you keep the classic style and atmosphere in your design then you can expect to see many of the same people come back when times are better and you have a better location.

Part of the reason this revival was so successful is that many those in the city felt that the bar was an essential part of the town. In many ways your design and service is not just a part of your unique style. It’s also a living part of a city and the memories of everyone who has had at least one good night at your bar are tied into this. On some level it is sort a spiritual feeling. Much more than just furniture. Other bars have this feel in a different way.

As always restaurant outdoor furniture here is not so different from other styles but has a certain atmosphere with it. It has a trendy, modern look that everyone wants to see on the exterior. Most of the action happens inside of course but this should be kept in mind. Do you have a certain look to your own business that draws people in? If you can create the atmosphere you want with one look then you’re probably well on your way to having one of the most amazing places in your city.




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