Learning from and about Tiki

Adrift Tiki BarTiki was recently featured as a major relaxation spot in Denver. In an area so filled with similar attractions you really have to stand out. So we’ll be talking about this interesting spot to kick back with a flavorful drink. It also stands out because it’s a departure from the many similar bars around it since it goes for a refreshing style. There is much to be learned from that and some of you may already use it in your own hometown bar as well.

So how do you create a small tropical paradise in a place like Denver? Given the natural environment it seems like a tall order. But honestly with the right drinks and atmosphere it can be done. As you might expect this setting does it perfectly by creating a friendly atmosphere with vibrant drinks. The furniture is extremely comfortable and helps you feel like you are really relaxing at a Hawaiian retreat.

Many of you are familiar with the Tiki bar style but this place takes it to a new level. After all, it’s in their name. Of course they added Adrift to it for some style. Décor, food and drinks all come together in order to create what seems like an authentic Tiki lounge. Just, very far away from where you would usually expect to see them. Lively colors and flavorful food create an atmosphere of energy and excitement for guests at this particular bar.

The actual building also plays a large part in creating this mood. Walls appear to have treated bamboo on them and the lighting is always adjusted to give it the look of a sunset. Does your own building have a singular style that adds to the furniture? If the answer is no then you should probably look into improving the regular décor of the area. It could be the piece you are missing to make customers happy. In many ways it’s as good as authentic Tiki bars.

Outdoor Furniture has the signature polish which is part of every other section as well. It’s not exactly going to put you into a tropical climate when you step outside but you can get some of the feeling. Mostly it is about relaxing though. This is something that practically any bar or business can use to their advantage. If you can help people relax then you have gone a long way towards making people really happy all the time.

Food is a big part of their setting too. It’s not the traditional Denver fare but instead has many different dishes from the nearby Swing Thai. Having a partnership with another business in your area can be very useful. They can often provide you with additional work that you do not have to pay extra for. You won’t get the full funds you would for making it yourself, but both of you can benefit from this arrangement. Check to see if you have any suitable partners when you can.

All of these reasons come together to stand out of the crowd in Denver. Perhaps you could break out from the crowd with your own designs in your area as well.





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