Dealing with Partial Curfews for a Bar

Partial Curfew ExamplePartial curfews can really put a damper on any celebration. Most recently they calmed down some celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll go over both sides of the equation as far as running a bar and from a design standpoint as well. This is a complicated, multi-faceted topic that you might not realize quite a way but should understand by the end of this article. It’s not as bad as you might think in most cases as well. You can pretty well work around it.

One reason partial curfews are put up is political pressure. Many of those in a community have some say in what lawmakers do; at least local ones. Therefore this is just one of many restrictions which you may run into as a bar owner. Unless you can apply serious pressure in the political realm then there is little that you can do about any of this. It’s just one of the many small annoyances which you probably already deal with.

Patio Furniture needs a break too and you can look at it that way. After a rowdy party it’s probably going to be in pretty bad shape. You might try explaining to customers that you need to clean up. It’ll work for some. You can also offer some discounts for future nights which will appease practically anyone. It gives your workers a break as well. There is a reason that many bar owners and workers dread the holidays in certain parts of any country.

There are some good reasons for partial curfews like this. One is that many celebrations take place while nearby residents need to be at work the next day. Without proper sleep they could get in some serious trouble. On the side of officers there are many fights and other violent incidents when someone drinks all night. It’s just something that normally happens and they want to avoid it as much as possible. So it’s understandable why these would be around.

Even after the celebration ends you can still help your patrons enjoy everything. Offer them some relaxing music inside or some calmer drinks to wind the night down. Many of them have their own jobs later on, after all. You can to a large extent control the tone and pace of any celebration and this is no different. Subtly encouraging customers to cool down a bit can work wonders.

The best way to learn about how to deal with this is to learn how other bars work around it. Some of them in St. Paul explained everything well to customers and made sure to let them know they are just falling in line with local law. Making your customers feel like you are on their side is very important to. It can make the difference between them being fine and really angry with you.

On the other hand the alternative is having a full curfew. When this happens you actually do have a problem so you should avoid that whenever possible. It is rare to see that though.



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