The Outdoor Cruise Bar Trend

Outdoor Cruise BarOutdoor cruise bars are becoming much more popular in recent years. Every modern cruise ship has something like this, at least the ones made in the past few years. So why is this so popular? There are many factors that make it absolutely charming. While you may not have a cruise ship of your own you can bring a similar climate depending on where you live. Basically it’s all about the ideas which you can gather from looking at other bars.

Many cruise ships feature Fire Pit Tables and other important perks. Having an extravagant setting seems to be the way to go with all of this. More is actually more in this case because people want to feel like there was a lot of effort put into the setting. Most patrons will really appreciate all of this if you can show them that you care and are working to make them happy.

Natural light goes a long way into creating an interesting addition to your outdoor setting. In a cruise bar environment they pretty much have this constantly. If you have a different setting you should try to stream some of that into your setting. If you have more of it than you need then a few umbrellas can go a long way into keeping your guests from becoming uncomfortably hot or even sunburned in a few cases. You can even put it on a smaller boat.

Having a comfortable indoor area is also quite valuable. All cruise ships have this by definition but you should have the same going on. If you have an uncomfortable area to drink in inside it can hurt the entire setting. Maintenance is important here as usual. So if your air happens to go out then get it fixed as quickly as you can. This is common sense for some but not everyone realizes just how important it is.

While much of the evidence for the trend is anecdotal it does make sense. Going bigger than the competition and have more extravagant settings is something you have to do in some cities. New York, for example, is no place to go small considering the clientele there. Although there are some small sections with hole-in-the-wall settings they are becoming more difficult to keep around in some areas of the city.

Something tropical and modern about these cruise ships also draws people in. On that note you should have a few drinks, and pieces of furniture, which draw this same sort of reaction from customers. Be sure to get their feedback on this.

So how do you apply this to your own bar? If you live near a water feature it’s easy. You can bring much of the same furniture and décor to such a setting. If you actually own a sizeable boat there are many popular bars set on boats like those. So in either case it can be very easy to set this entire bar setting up. Just adding some chairs which allow you to lounge back can help create the sort of style which you are looking for.


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