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Adding Healthy Options to Bars and Nightclubs

Classy Nightclub with Healthy OptionsAn unexpected trend has popped up at many different night clubs. Healthy eating and drinking are big parts of the hippest night clubs these days. No longer can you expect to simply see the normal drinks and food among the hippest and liveliest establishments in the world. Should you add this to your own setting? We’ll discuss that as well for you. It’s not for everyone but we would suggest you have it if you are appealing to a lively, young group.

Young couples and many young people in general want to work on their bodies. The same is true for 30 somethings who are concerned about their age and want to maintain what they see as a youthful setting. As such there is a truly massive market for things like this as well.

There are many guides on this but you should find your own solution as well. One important note is that at many trade shows there are people promoting healthy choices. Figuring out how to add this to your own bar is something you need to figure out for yourself. It can just mean having food and drink choices which work correctly but it can also mean choosing new furniture which helps people feel like they are living in a healthy matter.

For those who want to go all the way you can get some furniture together for a pool or spa setting. Both of these are great for relaxing after a workout. Therefore they are excellent choices for those who want to offer on-premises options for staying healthy. This is also a big investment which may even require additional staff. Make sure you have some good people before you go down this route as well.

Outdoor Furniture should have an ecologically centered perspective as well. Greenery is also very important for this sort of setting. Nothing makes people feel more alive than having other life around. If you don’t have some sort of greenery in the area you should find some. It also has the natural advantage of creating a big of extra oxygen. While you may not think about it this is also an important part of helping people feel good.

Fitness can also be a part of your outdoor furniture as well. If you have an overhang or other suitable area it could become your theme. You need to make sure your clients want this before going in this direction though or you could be out of luck once everything is finished. If they do like this then you should be sure to figure it all out before working in this area.

Alternative events can be a big part of it as well. For example some bars actually offer Yoga and workout routines as well. Some people like to do something good for their body after well, doing something that is not so good for their body with alcohol. It’s just natural to feel that way when thinking about what condition you’ll be in afterwards. You can always go with the easy change and have some healthy drinks.


Looking at a La Quinta Remodel

La Quinta Bathroom RemodelRemodeling is an essential part of most design. Due to this we’ll be going over the La Quinta Resort & Club remodel. It’s one of the largest remodels in the area to an incredibly old building, around since 1926. Revitalizing this setting is the dream of many architects and artists as well. So we’ll look at this as well so that you can better understand all of this. If you have the money for a huge setting you could also work on a similar project. However as a designer you’d rather be paid for working on it.

Big spending was the name of the game when it comes to this remodel. It cost them several million dollars to set this entire setting up. While you may not want to spend quite that much you will want to drop a decent amount of money on outdoor furniture as well. From a management perspective this can be an absolutely amazing way to improve your setup and draw new customers. Even portable settings are a good choice.

Food and drinks are also a part of the setting. Whether you design for your home or are running a business you can rest assured that this is a great way to go. When updating your outdoor furniture you should make sure that each seating and table arrangement has a clear place to place your drinks.

Events like these usually make local news and sometimes create an even bigger buzz. Having a world-class designer, or being one, can make a business when people want to cover your newest furniture additions. In all these cases it’s an incredible way to draw publicity without needing to pay additional money for all of this as well.

Every piece of their furniture was also upgraded. From the indoor parts to outdoor settings by the pool everything was improved. Upgrades were the name of the day when it came to this. They have 41 swimming pools in their overall network. It creates an absolutely incredible

The company also hired a major design company. This allowed them to catch on with the most amazing looks possible. Although you may not want to spend quite that much money it’s sometimes a good investment. People take note when a building does not look like it is modern it can cause visitors to leave.

Outdoor Furniture is something else they worked on heavily for their customers as well. Only the best will do when you are dropping all of this money. So they brought in the best quality fabrics and materials in order to keep everything looking great. They also went for a somewhat modern look because that is the standard for any business like this. Rarely do we see one going for a classical setting here.

Fire pit tables and additional bonuses are big parts of the overall improved setting. Modernizing everything is something that many establishments do. Depending on your additions you can add practically anything. Outdoor kitchens, additional bar mixers, all of these can work wonders for your image as well.


Creating a Hybrid Bar

Winter Park Beer Company ImageA new sort of store has risen up and bars are becoming part of it as well. While it’s not an idea that was never done before it’s noteworthy for the diverse combination of items which are being sold; people are calling them hybrid stores. In many ways it’s a sort of general store that we saw so long ago but it isn’t that simple. Instead of offering everything they focus on two or three items that they sell together in order to raise their bottom line. It’s also quite a draw for people who want something new.

You’re probably looking for an example of a hybrid store. Well the Winter Park Beer Co. is one. They have an art gallery in their bar. It’s a strange mix of course but art is for just about everyone today. It’s especially interesting for the hipster set who can knock back a craft beer while looking at the best up-and-coming artists. As always the novelty of it and creating a combination for your target audience are the key parts of all this.

So why does is this important now? We’re seeing lots of these in big cities and it will likely be a new trend. If your bar could use a boost in profits and customers then this might be a great solution for you. It could draw even more people in during tailgating parties for sporting events.

Be sure that you know how much work this will be though. You will have to re-do sections of your establishment, find new suppliers and also figure out whether there will be any new licenses needed for your area. In all of these cases it adds up to so much more work for you.

Most of the businesses in this type are unique in their setup. Some believe that copying their style successfully is hard to do but we disagree. You just have to find a setup which is useful for your area and that all the locals will flock to.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for a setup like this can be pretty difficult. Since you are selling so many different items in one area, or displaying them, you need to mix styles. Some go with just one setting and that can work if your customers are not looking for an impressive setting. Otherwise you could go with a half-and-half setup or maybe pick out particular items which fit into one area or the other.

Some chains such as Cracker Barrel effectively use this style in another manner. They sell quite a few knick-knacks and a bit of clothing alongside their food. Bars can do the same with their drinks and food as well. It can really help you make a lot of money which you would not see otherwise. It can really work if you have the patience to install everything you would need and create the new menus, etc. that you would need.

Some think that a bar will loosen up customers to buy more. This is true in some areas but it also entails risk to the stock as well.


Miami Beach Considers Banning Alcohol

Miami Beach ImageMiami Beach politicians are considering a new ban on alcohol. It’d be an unprecedented event which would change the entire setting. We’ll go over why this matters and what it could mean for you. When it comes to this industry you need to pay attention to events all over the country. Precedent is very important and we’ll discuss that as well. It’s a complicated situation that we never thought would come up and could have an impact on your business and design.

What makes it stand out is the fact that drinking is such a major part of the Miami Beach environment. It would be like considering a ban in parts of Las Vegas. There are restrictions there of course, but you can get a drink pretty much everywhere you would like. If it could happen here then it could happen anywhere in America and would really change the climate for many bar owners. This is why it could have an impact on you in the long term. It’s very different from bans you impose, but similar to city-wide smoking bans.

The motivation behind this is the fact that Ocean Drive has become an area where people expect a criminal element to hang out. Buildings are in bad condition and drinking is something that practically everyone does in the area. Many cities have a place like this and lawmakers are always interested in improving them to “beautify” the city. In this way a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, as the saying goes. You can get in trouble for things others do.

It’s a big deal if this ban comes about. How could you adjust to such a thing? We’ll discuss that as well. To be sure you would at least have to change your stock and some of your business practices. You may even need to rethink your setting constantly.

So how does this change your outdoor furniture selections and business as a whole? A bar which serves alcohol often, almost always, has a different look from a health bar or other setting. This would probably change the style of restaurant outdoor furniture as well. You could either change a few items or completely re-do the bar into a health or spa setting. In either case it will lead to a lot of additional work and investment for you. It’s something you would have to do and that the owners would need to do as well.

It may not end with this setup as there are those who want some restrictions but not a full ban. In that case it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to work around this. There are many parts of the U.S. Where partial bans have been put in, people either deal with them or they ignore them and pay fines.

Finally the question is whether this will go through or not. We don’t’ believe it will. It’s quite hard to push through any law that would be as unpopular as this. Just look at prohibition. If you find yourself in a similar situation you can always attempt to wait it out.


Celebrating National Beer Day

Beer MugsNational Beer Day is a big holiday for many bars around the world. While not everyone celebrates it, it is worth looking into. Preparing for the celebration is a huge part of your business because it also helps you become ready for other holidays as well. So are you ready for this? We’ll look at some bar owners who were and the impact it had on them. You can see some massive profits from all of this if you are ready to prepare for the serious celebrations.

Houston is of course a major focal point for all this. Bars such as the Gaslamp and the Brooklyn Athletic Club, unusual name but it works, were a big part of the celebrations. Nearly every publication in the area took note of bar celebrations. As you can see this is a really huge deal for most people when it comes to celebratory drinking days. Do they do the same in your own city? If so then you should definitely take a look at everything.

Many of these bars bring a dignified setting to the celebration. Instead of simply having a rowdy party they focused on the many interesting craft beers which are popular in the area. Relaxed atmospheres allow you to cut out a lot of stress for your staff. If you have a bar which can keep this sort of setting then you should do everything you can in order to promote it.

As for chains such as Twin Peaks it was basically business as usual for them. When running a bar chain being ready for upswings is something you need to plan for at the corporate level. Do you run an organization like this yourself or are you a part of one? In either case you need to have furniture which can handle heavy use at all times. Maintenance can be much easier because the corporate headquarters will help you with it if things need to be fixed. Be sure to check the weather as well.

Your outdoor patio furniture needs to be rough and ready for the celebration as well. Because of the fact that some customers will obviously get rowdy you should expect it. This is true of any bar so be sure to do some stress testing before the day. You may find out that a table or chair was set to fall apart early for you.

This of course only applies to those of you who serve beer, which would be most of you probably so you may want to bring in some new furniture or steins for all of this.

Some of you may just ignore the day but we would advise against this. Not only is it a chance to sell special drinks but you can also test your staff and design choices here. It’s a great way to see whether all your hard work has paid off or if you need to do much more in order to keep things in order. We would suggest that you do this because it can help you really improve your entire establishment in so many ways.



Outdoor Bars and Safety Requirements

Outdoor Bar DeckSafety requirements are something that everyone needs to pay attention to. Having an unsafe environment will, at best, shut your bar down temporarily while you fix the problem with whatever you have set up. At worst it can shut down your business permanently as you go out of business due to the loss of funding due to all of this. In either case you can’t afford to have this come up and cause some huge problems.

It’s not always a negative or bad story though. Sometimes the locals will stick up for you. In this case after some serious government hassles the locals stood up for a bar there. If you have dedicated customers who will go to work for you then you can count on this. However if you have not built up such a following then you may have some trouble if investigators call you on your serving stations and other items.

A few parts of your business can cause instant interest from locals and the government. In this case a deck was the offensive setting. It can look amazing and give your customers a great view but any deck needs to be incredibly stable. People could very easily fall off of it and injure themselves if you are not careful. Both in the initial construction and the overall maintenance over many years you should put your best effort in to repair everything and make it look amazing.

So how does all of this relate to design? Not every piece of design art is fit for use in a bar. If you have, for example, an amazing chair with intricate design that is fine. Is it made of materials which will hold up under heavy use? Is it crafted into a shape which is comfortable to sit in? If either of these answers is no then you probably want to go for functionality over style.

If you have to bring in some designers and construction officials, do it. All you can really do is make sure that your current setting is as safe as possible. Any complaints you receive about the setting should be handled as extremely important. Even portable bars need work done.

There are also outdoor dining tables well-maintained at the previously mentioned establishment. Having a good look for your setting overall can help dissuade some people from asking for investigations. A run-down look to your building will not only bother clients but also make you a target for those who take exception to you making their environment ugly.

So how did this become a problem for the bar in question? Extremely high standards for the city were the cause because they need barriers from practically everything. Dust, insects and much more need to be blocked from the area in general. For the most part it needs to be an indoor room outside. This is of course possible but it is not something you can do easily. Look into the laws of your own city in order to find out exactly what they require of you.



Redefining the Outdoor Bar

Stadium Bar ExampleMany of those in design are trying to rethink the actual concept of an outdoor bar. We’ll be looking at a few of these today for you. Perhaps you run some other sort of business and want to add a few beverages. At any rate we’ve seen so many new possibilities open up in this area it really is thrilling. We’ll be going over a few for you today and some that you may have not thought of either. Creativity is the name of the game when you want your establishment to stand out and this is no exception.

A recent blog suggested that in some way a stadium is a huge bar. We think that’s not such a terrible idea. In a way it’s a place where so many people can come together and feel comfortable while enjoying some drinks. Combine it with the fact that it caters to both normal people and elites in their skyboxes it is fairly easy to see why it is such an effective venue. We cannot all afford such a setting but you could consider renting some space there.

As we’ve discussed many times before having a mobile location is popular as well. By far the most popular form with a bar is the ship setting. Both cruise ships and restaurants on smaller cruisers are quite popular. Not only do they add novelty but they also allow you to move around and enjoy the natural beauty of any landscape they are drifting through.

Refurbished warehouses are another area that we are seeing bars and clubs move into. We’ve discussed some of these before as well. So if you have any nearby real estate that you could snatch up it might be a great decision that allows you to bring in a new crowd. Matching your drinks and food to all of this is very important as well. You’ll probably want to create your own menus for this to match whatever unusual venue that you might have for all of this as well.

This is of course only for the adventurous. If you are doing well with your current setting there is no real reason to change anything at all.

You can still include contemporary outdoor furniture in your setup of course. But you may want to go with some different settings. Much like in a stadium your seating can be very different.

It could even be inflatable or made of concrete depending on your clientele. There is a market for practically everything as long as you understand those you are designing for and what they want from everything as well.

There is no limit to what you can choose for this. Old trains and vans are two other destinations which people set up bars in. Secret rooms in the bottom of other buildings play host to some of the most interesting and eccentric locations you could imagine. Those with the resources could even improve a derelict school building in order to improve the entire situation.


Exploring the Connaught Bar

Connaught BarSome of the greatest bars in the entire world happen to be a part of hotels. So we’ll be looking at the Connaught Bar today and seeing some interesting lessons there. So how do the greatest places in the world stay at the very top? It’s not something as simple as one aspect or another. We’ll be going over the myriad ways in which they improve everything over time so that you can understand what it takes to be the best in the world as well.

It’s almost always included in reviews of the best hotel-bars in the world. Marketing is a big part of their success as with any successful bar. If you aren’t working on your efforts there you should do everything you can. While some of it will come to you naturally if your bar is truly amazing it isn’t always that simple. So you should be prepared to spend some money in this area if you haven’t before and people come expecting that.

Obviously their customer service is legendary as well. No matter how great-looking your furniture is you cannot avoid having amazing service as well. When customers are paying the money that they are here it has to be world-class. No matter what they want you should go to great lengths in order to find whatever they want or need. We’ve talked about this before but you should look for anything unique you can do in this area that sets you apart from others.

Classic style and refurbishing are other big parts of the appeal. $120 million in restoration was part of their overall project. More than just your average remodeling project obviously.  At that time they had a section they called the Art Deco bar which they worked on extensively. It was always a section serving incredible drinks from around the world. Now it has an amazing sheen which is much more impressive than it was before while still keeping much of the original style.

Outdoor Bar Stools are of course not a big part of the set up. It’s all about the highest quality of everything. When you are working for an amazing setting like this it has to be set up in a way that they cannot get it anywhere else in the world and patrons will keep coming back. After all the rich and famous are the ones who will be bringing you the big money. In a business where the margins can be incredibly thin this is the way to really make money.

Exclusivity is another big part. People have to feel like they are in a place that makes them feel really special from start to finish. That is the same no matter where you go. We’ve given that advice before so you should try to do it in some different ways. You could even have levels of treatment for various members depending on how long they have been there or how much they have spent. After all there is always some tab of that behind the scenes.