Exploring the Connaught Bar

Connaught BarSome of the greatest bars in the entire world happen to be a part of hotels. So we’ll be looking at the Connaught Bar today and seeing some interesting lessons there. So how do the greatest places in the world stay at the very top? It’s not something as simple as one aspect or another. We’ll be going over the myriad ways in which they improve everything over time so that you can understand what it takes to be the best in the world as well.

It’s almost always included in reviews of the best hotel-bars in the world. Marketing is a big part of their success as with any successful bar. If you aren’t working on your efforts there you should do everything you can. While some of it will come to you naturally if your bar is truly amazing it isn’t always that simple. So you should be prepared to spend some money in this area if you haven’t before and people come expecting that.

Obviously their customer service is legendary as well. No matter how great-looking your furniture is you cannot avoid having amazing service as well. When customers are paying the money that they are here it has to be world-class. No matter what they want you should go to great lengths in order to find whatever they want or need. We’ve talked about this before but you should look for anything unique you can do in this area that sets you apart from others.

Classic style and refurbishing are other big parts of the appeal. $120 million in restoration was part of their overall project. More than just your average remodeling project obviously.  At that time they had a section they called the Art Deco bar which they worked on extensively. It was always a section serving incredible drinks from around the world. Now it has an amazing sheen which is much more impressive than it was before while still keeping much of the original style.

Outdoor Bar Stools are of course not a big part of the set up. It’s all about the highest quality of everything. When you are working for an amazing setting like this it has to be set up in a way that they cannot get it anywhere else in the world and patrons will keep coming back. After all the rich and famous are the ones who will be bringing you the big money. In a business where the margins can be incredibly thin this is the way to really make money.

Exclusivity is another big part. People have to feel like they are in a place that makes them feel really special from start to finish. That is the same no matter where you go. We’ve given that advice before so you should try to do it in some different ways. You could even have levels of treatment for various members depending on how long they have been there or how much they have spent. After all there is always some tab of that behind the scenes.

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