Redefining the Outdoor Bar

Stadium Bar ExampleMany of those in design are trying to rethink the actual concept of an outdoor bar. We’ll be looking at a few of these today for you. Perhaps you run some other sort of business and want to add a few beverages. At any rate we’ve seen so many new possibilities open up in this area it really is thrilling. We’ll be going over a few for you today and some that you may have not thought of either. Creativity is the name of the game when you want your establishment to stand out and this is no exception.

A recent blog suggested that in some way a stadium is a huge bar. We think that’s not such a terrible idea. In a way it’s a place where so many people can come together and feel comfortable while enjoying some drinks. Combine it with the fact that it caters to both normal people and elites in their skyboxes it is fairly easy to see why it is such an effective venue. We cannot all afford such a setting but you could consider renting some space there.

As we’ve discussed many times before having a mobile location is popular as well. By far the most popular form with a bar is the ship setting. Both cruise ships and restaurants on smaller cruisers are quite popular. Not only do they add novelty but they also allow you to move around and enjoy the natural beauty of any landscape they are drifting through.

Refurbished warehouses are another area that we are seeing bars and clubs move into. We’ve discussed some of these before as well. So if you have any nearby real estate that you could snatch up it might be a great decision that allows you to bring in a new crowd. Matching your drinks and food to all of this is very important as well. You’ll probably want to create your own menus for this to match whatever unusual venue that you might have for all of this as well.

This is of course only for the adventurous. If you are doing well with your current setting there is no real reason to change anything at all.

You can still include contemporary outdoor furniture in your setup of course. But you may want to go with some different settings. Much like in a stadium your seating can be very different.

It could even be inflatable or made of concrete depending on your clientele. There is a market for practically everything as long as you understand those you are designing for and what they want from everything as well.

There is no limit to what you can choose for this. Old trains and vans are two other destinations which people set up bars in. Secret rooms in the bottom of other buildings play host to some of the most interesting and eccentric locations you could imagine. Those with the resources could even improve a derelict school building in order to improve the entire situation.


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