Celebrating National Beer Day

Beer MugsNational Beer Day is a big holiday for many bars around the world. While not everyone celebrates it, it is worth looking into. Preparing for the celebration is a huge part of your business because it also helps you become ready for other holidays as well. So are you ready for this? We’ll look at some bar owners who were and the impact it had on them. You can see some massive profits from all of this if you are ready to prepare for the serious celebrations.

Houston is of course a major focal point for all this. Bars such as the Gaslamp and the Brooklyn Athletic Club, unusual name but it works, were a big part of the celebrations. Nearly every publication in the area took note of bar celebrations. As you can see this is a really huge deal for most people when it comes to celebratory drinking days. Do they do the same in your own city? If so then you should definitely take a look at everything.

Many of these bars bring a dignified setting to the celebration. Instead of simply having a rowdy party they focused on the many interesting craft beers which are popular in the area. Relaxed atmospheres allow you to cut out a lot of stress for your staff. If you have a bar which can keep this sort of setting then you should do everything you can in order to promote it.

As for chains such as Twin Peaks it was basically business as usual for them. When running a bar chain being ready for upswings is something you need to plan for at the corporate level. Do you run an organization like this yourself or are you a part of one? In either case you need to have furniture which can handle heavy use at all times. Maintenance can be much easier because the corporate headquarters will help you with it if things need to be fixed. Be sure to check the weather as well.

Your outdoor patio furniture needs to be rough and ready for the celebration as well. Because of the fact that some customers will obviously get rowdy you should expect it. This is true of any bar so be sure to do some stress testing before the day. You may find out that a table or chair was set to fall apart early for you.

This of course only applies to those of you who serve beer, which would be most of you probably so you may want to bring in some new furniture or steins for all of this.

Some of you may just ignore the day but we would advise against this. Not only is it a chance to sell special drinks but you can also test your staff and design choices here. It’s a great way to see whether all your hard work has paid off or if you need to do much more in order to keep things in order. We would suggest that you do this because it can help you really improve your entire establishment in so many ways.



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