Outdoor Bars and Safety Requirements

Outdoor Bar DeckSafety requirements are something that everyone needs to pay attention to. Having an unsafe environment will, at best, shut your bar down temporarily while you fix the problem with whatever you have set up. At worst it can shut down your business permanently as you go out of business due to the loss of funding due to all of this. In either case you can’t afford to have this come up and cause some huge problems.

It’s not always a negative or bad story though. Sometimes the locals will stick up for you. In this case after some serious government hassles the locals stood up for a bar there. If you have dedicated customers who will go to work for you then you can count on this. However if you have not built up such a following then you may have some trouble if investigators call you on your serving stations and other items.

A few parts of your business can cause instant interest from locals and the government. In this case a deck was the offensive setting. It can look amazing and give your customers a great view but any deck needs to be incredibly stable. People could very easily fall off of it and injure themselves if you are not careful. Both in the initial construction and the overall maintenance over many years you should put your best effort in to repair everything and make it look amazing.

So how does all of this relate to design? Not every piece of design art is fit for use in a bar. If you have, for example, an amazing chair with intricate design that is fine. Is it made of materials which will hold up under heavy use? Is it crafted into a shape which is comfortable to sit in? If either of these answers is no then you probably want to go for functionality over style.

If you have to bring in some designers and construction officials, do it. All you can really do is make sure that your current setting is as safe as possible. Any complaints you receive about the setting should be handled as extremely important. Even portable bars need work done.

There are also outdoor dining tables well-maintained at the previously mentioned establishment. Having a good look for your setting overall can help dissuade some people from asking for investigations. A run-down look to your building will not only bother clients but also make you a target for those who take exception to you making their environment ugly.

So how did this become a problem for the bar in question? Extremely high standards for the city were the cause because they need barriers from practically everything. Dust, insects and much more need to be blocked from the area in general. For the most part it needs to be an indoor room outside. This is of course possible but it is not something you can do easily. Look into the laws of your own city in order to find out exactly what they require of you.



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