Creating a Hybrid Bar

Winter Park Beer Company ImageA new sort of store has risen up and bars are becoming part of it as well. While it’s not an idea that was never done before it’s noteworthy for the diverse combination of items which are being sold; people are calling them hybrid stores. In many ways it’s a sort of general store that we saw so long ago but it isn’t that simple. Instead of offering everything they focus on two or three items that they sell together in order to raise their bottom line. It’s also quite a draw for people who want something new.

You’re probably looking for an example of a hybrid store. Well the Winter Park Beer Co. is one. They have an art gallery in their bar. It’s a strange mix of course but art is for just about everyone today. It’s especially interesting for the hipster set who can knock back a craft beer while looking at the best up-and-coming artists. As always the novelty of it and creating a combination for your target audience are the key parts of all this.

So why does is this important now? We’re seeing lots of these in big cities and it will likely be a new trend. If your bar could use a boost in profits and customers then this might be a great solution for you. It could draw even more people in during tailgating parties for sporting events.

Be sure that you know how much work this will be though. You will have to re-do sections of your establishment, find new suppliers and also figure out whether there will be any new licenses needed for your area. In all of these cases it adds up to so much more work for you.

Most of the businesses in this type are unique in their setup. Some believe that copying their style successfully is hard to do but we disagree. You just have to find a setup which is useful for your area and that all the locals will flock to.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for a setup like this can be pretty difficult. Since you are selling so many different items in one area, or displaying them, you need to mix styles. Some go with just one setting and that can work if your customers are not looking for an impressive setting. Otherwise you could go with a half-and-half setup or maybe pick out particular items which fit into one area or the other.

Some chains such as Cracker Barrel effectively use this style in another manner. They sell quite a few knick-knacks and a bit of clothing alongside their food. Bars can do the same with their drinks and food as well. It can really help you make a lot of money which you would not see otherwise. It can really work if you have the patience to install everything you would need and create the new menus, etc. that you would need.

Some think that a bar will loosen up customers to buy more. This is true in some areas but it also entails risk to the stock as well.


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