Learning from Parson’s Chicken and Fish

Parson's Chicken and Fish ImageToday we’ll be going over a very famous bar/restaurant in the Chicago area. In a city which is always full of lively people it can be hard to stay in business due to the sheer amount of competition. Only those who can bring some of the most impressive service in the world get to stay. That’s why we’ll be looking at Parson’s Chicken & Fish because of their interesting décor and fare. As always learning from the competition is the best way to make sure you stay on top.

Parson’s is always a major favorite with any visitor. It’s often featured in various top lists as well. Quality food and drinks are a big part of this. Whether you are running a business or simply serving a bit for a few friends you need to offer food and drinks that are extremely high-quality as well. They became so popular by always listening to people and offering an incredibly great level of service every single day as well.

Experimenting with dishes and sometimes some new design work is something they do as well. However they are quick to remove anything that does not work for clients. Feedback is very important so make sure to ask your guests what they really want every single time they visit. It’s the only way to figure out whether you’re actually doing the right thing with all of your choices.

A setting which takes in the natural warmth of the area is also important. No matter what the weather is for your guests you need to create a setting in which they can relax. This may mean cooling things down in hot areas and vice avers. Some outdoor furniture holds the heat or cold much better than other so keep that in mind. Do your best to work with the natural area and customers will appreciate it.

Patio Furniture is much more impressive than you’d expect for the name but it also has a home-style feel. Picnic tables are part of the setting so that people can lounge back. Even in an area where everything is hyper-modern you should have a few comfortable items here and there. It can also be a huge, great way to stand out when it comes to a setting. When the classic isn’t commonplace, the classic becomes novel again.

Another factor which sets the store apart is that from the outside it’s quite humble as well. While they have extravagant lighting and amazing dishes it looks quite standard, like a normal down-home bar until you sit down. So choosing your furniture and even architecture to make people comfortable goes a long way into creating your own singular style.

Of course they do have a very clean and polished setting when you actually sit down. Each piece of furniture is perfectly maintained and improved each year. This is something we’ve stressed as important many times before but it’s still worth mentioning. Due to this it looks quite new and fresh despite some of the traditional pieces located within.



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