Looking at the Spare Key

The Spare Key LogoThe Spare Key is a small bar themed just for that, a spare key logo on the wall for one. Small bars like this are extremely popular today as they have been in the past. So how do you bring that same appeal with your design? If you’re going for a specific look then it’s easy and you can fairly easily implement it in your own building as well. It’s creating the total package and mixing everything together that can be very difficult as well.

As for the Spare Key specialty drinks are what set it apart. Most of them are out-of-the-ordinary and push the limits of what people expect. You would do well to do the same for your own drinks and perhaps even pair each one with a room or piece of furniture that knocked out expectations and really amazes anyone who uses it. Surprising your audience is essential both for artists and business owners.

One part of this style is that it needs to be lived in. Having a few marks or worn-down areas on a chair or table can actually give it a wonderful charm. It’s something that you can’t pay for but you can get over time. You may even want to look into some items which have been used with other establishments as well. You can often find these at auctions and other special settings.

Originality is also a big deal. In the case of your furniture this means having a sign and a few other pieces which no one else has. All your aspects from the lighting to the simple placement of each item are things you need to work on. Be sure to study the local style and make sure that you do not copy anyone else. This can be difficult if they are setting their places of business up in a similar manner because it is what people want in the area.

Inspiration from their customers is just one of many areas that they draw their work from. Be sure to take their comments so that you can fully understand what they want. It’s how you manage to keep your business going after catering to their tastes.  Cedar can be a classy choice for this style of bar as well.

As with many establishments they go with a subtle outdoor arrangement with their ‘outdoor patio furniture. Sometimes when people want to casually have a drink less is more. Just having a bit of comfortable seating is all many people want after they have had a hard day at work and want to just let themselves unwind. Many of your customers will fall in this sort of area so be sure that they can do that.

Finally, the name is very important. Names like the Spare Key and the Question Mark stand out. When it comes to a small speak-easy type bar you need to make an impact before they even enter. Once again it all comes back to creating an amazing atmosphere. Every piece works together in order to create an amazing and coherent whole that people enjoy.

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