Examining the Treasure Island Redesign

Treasure Island ExteriorThe Treasure Island Resort and Casino is one of the most famous spots to vacation and relax with a drink in the entire world. Recently they’ve decided to redesign their entire establishment. They are far from the first bar/resort to do this but it’s always important to keep examples like this in mind. For many it’s a sort of redesign that they could never hope to afford but that’s what makes it rare and interesting. So we’ll be looking at how and why they are doing all of this today.

Demand is of course the driving factor for this. With a more peaceful world than we’ve ever had in the past and more money to burn, people want to enjoy life. They want to spend huge amounts of money on expensive drinks at a bar and lounge back on luxurious outdoor furniture. As long as things keep going in this direction we’ll continue to see demand for things like this rise as well, long into the future.

Their restaurant outdoor furniture and other fixtures have been heavily upgraded of course. New finishes and massive repairs have become a part of this massive redesign. Fees for all of this can really add up over the years or even come in one big burst if you decide to replace as many items as they have done in this situation. A loan may be in order in some cases.

Additional amenities are a big draw here as well. A fitness center, spa and salon are all part of the new updates. If you run a bar of any sort or a vacation resort this is essential. It’s all the little perks, the bells and whistles, which really impress people and generate positive word of mouth for any establishment. If you cannot think of any then you should go over your current installation.

Water features are a huge part of all this as well. Slides, lazy rivers and zero depth pools are all important features here. Having a place to cool down is especially important for areas with high temperatures. People will head to any area that offers a bit of relief from the brutal sun when the temperatures shoot through the roof.

The upgrades are coming at the cost of $19 million. So it’s not for those without a lot of money to burn on an amazing addition. If you run a resort them you may end up spending some amount of money like this very easily. Be sure to watch your spending if you have any sort of setting like this as well.

The final lesson is that you need to have enough space to actually do your best design work as well. Unless you have a lot of space for a large bar or resort atmosphere you just aren’t going to get things done. While small settings can work for some apartments and casual bars it’s not the sort of thing you need for the massive, large-scale projects that the most productive people need.


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