Making Concrete Stylish in a Bar

Concrete Bar ExampleConcrete is on the rise in design today. But presented at base level it can feel a bit cold and uncomfortable. So how do you make this work in a bar? There are many ways to set it up correctly. There are also many ways to cause problems for your customers by misusing it so we’ll be looking at both sides of the equation so that you can see the reward and risk factors in this special situation.

Outdoor Furniture can also be made in concrete but needs special additions. Pairing it with other materials can really help things. For example a wood bar connected with concrete sections not only insures that you have an incredibly durable area but also that it gives a singular, amazing look that you cannot get by just simply having one material there.

By far the biggest advantage of using concrete is that you can pour it to almost any shape. If you have a custom designer they can make sure it’s poured into the exact sort of mold that you would like. Hiring an artist to handle all of this can be expensive but it’s often very useful. It’s easy to see why you would want to do something like this.

The obvious drawback is that, at base, it is neither beautiful nor comfortable. Adding cushions, covers or even a coat of paint can easily help fix all of this. It’s a simple fix that works very easily. If you decide not to do any of this you could end up driving people off from your setting because they aren’t interested in dealing with a cold, uncomfortable setting. It’s a risk you take with any new design and you can’t be afraid to fail.

The quality of this material has gone up significantly from where it was in the past. So you can rest assured that it’s an investment which will last for years. It won’t take a ton of money either because even the best molds of all this will not break the bank for you. So if you need to save on some massive style this is the best possible way to do it.

When looking at decorating your own bar you should also take notes from others. Concrete Beach Brewery used several pieces of advice which we gave you. While they obviously have the singular material as the focus they added many different touches which made the whole package look much better.

The great thing about concrete is that you can very easily take over a different establishment and fill it with new outdoor furniture. Since it is so durable even years after everything was poured in it can stay looking great. Due to this you can easily take over a warehouse or other bar. It’s very easy to re-finish such an area and re-use it as well.

By combining all the cushioning and small additions you can create a truly unique setting for your bar that stands out while still keeping your wallet secure.


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