Managing “Curfew” Bans at a Bar

Typical Bar with a CurfewCurfews are becoming more and more popular when it comes to bar areas. It’s obvious that crime goes up in the later, or early, hours of the day when visibility is low and criminals enjoy picking off easy targets. You could even see something like this happen in your own area so it’s important to keep in mind. What can you do to protect yourself and still make a profit despite losing out on some lucrative hours? We’ll discuss this as well.

Revitalizing your bar to draw in more people at select hours is the first step that you need to take. Since you cannot simply continue serving past the curfew you need to draw people very quickly by bringing them in at the hours you need the most. So be sure to select new items in your outdoor bar furniture area. If you want to cater to the after-work crowd have some comfortable seating and good drinks. If you want to cater to the sports crowd go with some booths and flat screens, even outdoors.

Your Outdoor Furniture selections should not change very much. It should already be resilient and comfortable or stylish as your bar prefers. You may need to replace it less if you are having few rowdy clients cause damage your items because they’ve had a bit too much to drink. So that’s actually a plus to the curfew. It may not make up for the money you will be losing but it is not all bad.

In some cases if the curfew takes out the majority of your patrons a total redesign of your establishment may actually be in order. We hope that this never happens to you but it is something you can handle without a ton of trouble if you are forced to do it. Be sure to look for other bars that went out of business or even in consignment stores so that you can actually find the very best price. You don’t want to break the bank on that unless you have money to burn.

If you have a high-end bar then you probably won’t have to change anything anyway. Just keep things as they are.

Bans like this are even happening in Florida quite often. If you are in a party town you could be at risk here. Be sure to keep track of all this and make sure that you won’t have to change your setting anytime soon. Otherwise it may catch you by surprise and cause a huge number of problems for you down the road.

The other change you may want to invest in is having fewer items for heavy drinkers. With the curfew in place you’ll probably see much less use for giant mugs and beer bongs. While you may want to keep a few around you’ll only probably need 1 or 2 since the party crowd will cut down in many ways.

There are some legitimate concerns when it comes to safety here. Police are concerned with people getting a bit too drunk and either really hurting themselves or hurting someone else. It happens all the time. So be sure to keep your people safe in addition to providing them with beautiful furniture.

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