Designing with Patio Limits in Mind

Impressive small Patio DesignMany cities have terribly restrictive limits on what you can put on your patio. It’s quite common in cities where space is at a premium. Many more of them also decide to enact this when they see their growth go up, up and up again. This happens all the time and new laws are added every month to change things up. Ever level of government has a different level of law and you can even end up with several different layers as well.

City officials will enforce this with fines, even if it makes them rather unpopular in the area. For many this is an additional revenue source that they need in order to keep their budget balanced. Unfortunately, as it is with so many little laws, your loss is their gain. The more fines they can levy upon you the more money they will make. Therefore there isn’t much reason for them to leave you alone in this area.

Make sure that you continually check up on any laws in your area that could come up. And also with any trends that are happening in design right now which lend themselves to smaller items. This is the best way to avoid the many problems which arise from all of this.

Some people attempt to have the laws changed due to outrage. This isn’t an option for many of us. Whether they are often successful with it varies from area to area. There is also the option to simply let them levy all the fines on you and just pay them off. It’s not for everyone but those with a lot of money can simply do this because they are making much more money on the other end.

Fortunately there are many different ways to adjust your outdoor furniture and patio areas to this sort of thing. Both in normal settings and in those outside of the traditional setup you can expect to have many options in this area so don’t worry too much.

Sometimes this can actually be a good thing, when less is more with some of your clients for example. Every now and then there are people who really love to sit in smaller settings.

Patio Furniture can get a bit excessive at times. So much so that it becomes a fire hazard, but very few laws are actually meant to curb this. It’s meant to generate revenue or cause problems for those that people do not like. It’s all politics when it comes to restrictions like this and there is little you can do to avoid it.

While you may hope that the law is reversed it doesn’t usually work this way. It’s much better to design around the Curfew. Fortunately with the new materials and seating that come out each year you can fit just about anything into a very small section. This is because we can create smaller and smaller items constantly. It’s that simple and we’ll constantly see even more items like this enter the market as well.




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