Creating a Cultural Gathering Spot

Cultural Wine BarYour bar can become the intellectual and cultural center of your town, no matter where you are. But how do you create a design which draws people in like this? The way to do this differs depending on who you have nearby but it’s possible no matter what. It can draw a lot of new attention to your outdoor bar furniture and other items while bringing in a decent amount of money every month. So how do you do it?

Before you do anything with this you need to figure out who the deep thinkers are in your area. Are they average people who like to discuss things casually? Rich intellectual elite who want to sip on wine while lounging back? Or are they hipsters who simply want to discuss a short story they wrote? Finding those who want to sit back with a drink, some conversation and thought is essential to actually figuring out how you need to design everything.

When buying contemporary outdoor furniture for this sort of setting you can do almost anything you would want, just keep it comfortable. Keep your audience in mind and figure out everything from drink placement to where they will look when discussing things in a group. Once you understand all of these factors it’s incredibly easy to manage all of this.

There is of course a risk factor in doing this though. You’ll be pushing some people out who just want to enjoy themselves without a social gathering. But on the other hand, it is a bar. Unless you are having a social gathering something is probably wrong. You can’t really go to a bar looking for seclusion and isolation so you will probably just have to offend some people when it comes to this.

Be sure to ask your patrons as always, what they want to see in furniture and events. By creating the exact events they are looking for you can really bring people in constantly. Unless you’re bringing in new blood pretty often you can’t expect to stay in business. It’s a simple part of the business you probably already know about. You may find out that they want to mix styles as well.

Some locations center everything on this community. You can plan everything around a group focus but it has to feel natural. If people feel like it is not their choice to hang out and celebrate cultural events then they aren’t going to go for it. If the bar design feels forced then people simply are not going to buy any of this. They’ll simply move on when they feel like you are pushing them into things that they never signed up for.

You can also go with non-traditional celebrity appearances of noteworthy authors or speakers. It’s a very different take that only works with a highly upscale bar but it can bring in quite a lot of people and give you a huge amount of publicity in the meantime as well. It’s a good solution for those with the influence or money to bring in some big names.

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