What London’s Bars Share


Famous London BarSomething all of the top bars in London share, with the exception of a few legendary pubs, is a view. Having a raised or rooftop area to look out upon the ancient architecture is extremely useful. It helps you give average people a new look at the area and those who really appreciate fine architecture and design can also appreciate all of this as well.

Many of them also have an aspect of novelty, from a radio bar to a “rumpus room”. This is nothing new with bars around the world but all the top spots for tourists have something to set themselves apart from the absolutely massive crowd.

A rich history runs through many of these bars as well. For a City and Country with so much history this is very important. Because when you have hundreds of years added to your design and atmosphere it brings something special to the area. While it’s not something unusual in Europe it is worth noting. New bars have to actually really work hard to get in when you have so many amazing settings already in place.

Tourist appeal is also essential for so many different reasons. No matter where you are if you are in a big city you will need to appeal to this demographic here and there. They make up a big part of your overall profits.

Every design website worth any of your time has some piece on this. In this case multiculturalism is the drawing factor for many bars. For example the Courtyard Garden is less bar, more Japanese Garden. If you feel that your own designs are becoming stale and you’re bored with them then try to look into some other cultures.

Remodeling is a normal part of all these addition. It’s a normal way that many locations keep things fresh and set up repairs as well.

Outdoor Bar Stools in some areas also appeal to the high fashion of Britain. This is the paradox of the culture, as you’ll find people who celebrate the highest art in one bar and others who might have a fight to go along with their drink. It’s an atmosphere unique to the United Kingdom.

Extremes are another aspect that bar furniture and design share in the United Kingdom. Those in the area like things to be either incredibly clean or quite comfortable and maybe a bit worn. Some bars even have items which are damaged or even a bit dirty. That’s how their patrons like it and you should shoot for one extreme or the other. It’s the best way to make people feel like they really fit in at a place.

The final, and perhaps most important aspect, is that there is so much competition here. United Kingdom dwellers lover to drink, as everyone knows, not that many other parts of the world do not. However since there are so many brews, and bars, the competition is incredibly fierce. It’s not easy to stay afloat in many places unless you’re the only place to drink in the area. So design and other factors create a better sort of outdoor bar in many parts of the City.


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