The Charm of a “Hidden” Bar

Hidden Bar ExampleEveryone has seen some small video or article on a “hidden” bar. But how do you go about creating this sort of thing and what can it do for your business? The idea is surprisingly accessible for many owners in bars. Many factors came together for this and all of them are great for the future of the industry.

In the United States and parts of Europe the “hidden” idea came from very different times. In Europe it was from a war atmosphere that required many of these be set underground to protect from bombing runs or even to hide in areas where these were outlawed. In the United States prohibition created a similar climate and the speakeasy style carried over into the modern day, becoming a charming novelty from a somewhat dangerous time for bar owners.

Just existing as a bar like this will usually bring you a lot of attention in the media. Free publicity always matters for those who really want to push themselves up to the very top in any city they are in. You may not even need to do anything in order to get this additional promotion in some circumstances so it’s really an incredible addition if you manage to drum up word of mouth.

Creating a hidden setting like this is not simple, as you might expect, since you have to deal with a large number of different factors from zoning to liquor licenses. Unless politicians in your area are tolerant to this sort of thing you may end up having a very difficult time with all of this. Be sure to find out what connections you will have to make in order to keep everything running smoothly once you start picking out furniture and other small items.

Usually outdoor patio furniture for these bars is very different but is a big part of the charm. In most situations it’s a phone booth or other strange part of the exterior. However in some cases it could even be a full, separate restaurant on the outside. Every now and then it’ll be a part of the main restaurant or bar that is flipped or moved around in order to accommodate new clientele during certain hours of the day. No matter which format you go with you cannot go wrong.

As for accessibility contractors are used to doing things like this in the modern day. They probably have some way of how to build it for you due to their massive success. Therefore just shop around a bit and find out if there are any in your area who are ready to handle the project. You may be pleasantly surprised. If you’re just going with a small hidden door it can be surprisingly affordable as well.

Choosing furniture for this should fit with whatever theme you have, although many bar owners obviously go with a speakeasy. There is no wrong way to do this but make sure that each of your patrons feels like they can only experience your setting right there.



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