Balconies and Bar Furniture

Bar Balcony ExampleThe balcony is a key part of the design culture in practically every culture. It’s not surprising that it would still be a big part of furniture design today. There are unlimited ways to set up your own balcony for your bar but some are obviously better than others. Finding your own personal style with this sort of setup can be difficult so we’ll give you a few ideas. In many ways it’s the same process as decorating the rest of your bar so it deserves all the thought and attention you can give it.

Outdoor rooms in a balcony setting have the huge plus of giving your customers a view. This charming part of any elevated setting is something that most people will pay extra for. Therefore it’s easy to understand why this is so popular today. Some of the hippest clubs in the world are all part of a balcony setting where people pay incredible amounts of money just to get in the door and see the amazing sights of a big city. It’s true from New York to London.

Outdoor Furniture does not have to change much when put on a balcony. It should be able to stand up to the normal light rain and other environmental changes you probably already prepared for. Other than that it should mostly fit in with whatever else you have outdoors and indoors. As always creating a coherent theme is quite useful for insuring that a certain atmosphere is created at all times. This basic rule is still essential today.

Depending on your setting you might actually want to make the balcony a VIP room setting. It could even have a special enclosure with glass you can’t see through from the outside. This is of course only for the most posh establishments in the world. For those who can afford it we would suggest doing something like this because it would also protect your outdoor furniture from harsh weather as well, which has some obvious advantages.

Before getting too in-depth with this you should also check to make sure that your balcony is structurally sound. All this hard work might be for nothing if it is not. So check on that and find out for yourself whether it all works. Concrete can be a big help in this area as well.

Rising sales have led to many designers taking note of the popular bar balcony trend. So it’s important to pay attention to this trend if you have any sort of elevated area at your bar. Otherwise you are missing out on some incredible charm that you could have easily and without a whole ton of work on your part as well.

Safety is also always a concern so your guard rails are also a big part of your outdoor furniture. Whether you have a solid block or simple railings you can decorate these with practically anything you want from candle holders to frescoes. They are in many ways a canvas which an artist can use to paint an incredible picture, literally or figuratively.



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