How Marijuana Could Impact Future Bar Design Choices

Cannabis BarThe title of this article is not quite what you think, although some designers were certainly inspired by the drug in a different way. No, we’re talking about the fact that some states on considering allowing people to smoke a very different sort of item. In some United States cities bar owners may have to completely redesign some of their settings. While this won’t apply to everyone we’re talking about the specific area and how things may expand over the years.

Marijuana is a drug being hotly debated. Less harmful in many ways than tobacco it has some mind-altering qualities that many people enjoy. In areas where the drug is now legal the government is reaping in a huge amount of cash from it. Both people living in these cities and also smaller businesses benefit from all of this. Therefore it has become a fairly huge deal there and may spread throughout the western world.

Of course this only applies to areas like Denver where it might be served in local bars. If this isn’t a factor for you then you shouldn’t worry about it yet. It’s best to be prepared though because other trends could come into your area. We could also sometime see an era where practically everything is legal in some bars. The world has a tendency to change like that, and the bar business is the same.

What really changes the situation from traditional smoking is that there isn’t much of a stigma. Sure, inhaling any sort of smoke is not great for you but people don’t hate it like they do traditional cigarettes. As such legalization is gaining some serious traction in many states. There are those who disapprove of any smoking but they are perhaps in an overall minority. This is perhaps due to the fact that it has not been linked with a lot of cancer due to tar and nicotine.

Allowing such a change in your area can dictate your future item choices as well. Some of you may actually decide to pick a wood blend which will pick up the scent over the years. It’s an interesting option and you would only use it for those who love the smell. There is some charm to all of this but you need to make sure that your clients want something like this. A miscalculation here could be really dangerous.

The biggest changes come in the fact that the smoke, even sweetly-smelling blends can change the atmosphere after soaking into the items. Outdoor Furniture should be selected with this in mind. If possible you should make sure test everything beforehand with a few customers.

In the grand scheme of these your furniture selection needs to change with any sort of change in your serving patterns. Even serving a few new drinks means that you need to change some of your furniture designs. The tastes of your customers change with the years so you shouldn’t be afraid to change as well, even if it means making a leap.


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