Looking at the JetBlue Lounge

JetBlue Rooftop AreaNew York’s JFK International Airport has a big new addition which is turning heads all over the world. JetBlue has opened an incredibly large bar across 4,046 feet on the roof of the area. It’s an amazing monument to how far design has come in the modern day. Many believe it’ll be one of the most impressive outdoor bars for many years to come. How do you create a modern-day masterpiece like this? There are certainly a few rules you can follow as well.

Due to the redesign the airport received international acclaim for so many changes. Perhaps the most important of which is that this is basically a giant park where you can enjoy a light drink or even walk your dog. Greenery is around the entire area which leads to a relaxing atmosphere and also lets people bring their family there. Even pets can enjoy the area due to a massive area for them to run around in or take a calm walk.

Organic design mixed in with cities is a huge part of many metro bar settings. This is perhaps the best example of it in the United States though. The great thing about picking your outdoor furniture with nature in mind is that it helps the atmosphere in a more literal sense. Fresh oxygen and removal of CO2 are wonderful byproducts of having greenery around. It’s how some of the busiest cities in the world keep the air from becoming massively polluted. It’s simple, beautiful and it works.

All of this is also combined with the latest food and drink styles as well. Being on the cutting edge in every way possible is how all the top businesses do it. It also does not hurt that this allows you to charge more, which you would obviously want to do if you are striving to rise to the top of the industry.

Acquiring all the money to do this is the hard part of course. For those without the funds you can still add an item or two in order to improve the setting. A renovation, even if it doesn’t cost a million or so dollars, can refresh your setting. It can also be more affordable than you might expect in the modern day.

Outdoor Furniture here is constantly clean and ultramodern. As always maintenance is a key part of keeping that same beautiful setting up. Unless you can keep that same high level of care up you can’t make it to the top. This is a lesson which we see repeated time and time again. We’ve even see some people overreach with their ideas in this area.

The final rule is that when it comes to bars, bigger is often better. The various stores and places to get a drink are only a part of the overall setup but sales will no doubt rise due to it. If you can combine your efforts with other nearby businesses then you can create a massive and absolutely amazing setting where you all work together.

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