How the Roof at South Park Impresses NY Customers

The Roof at South ParkThe Roof at South Park doesn’t sound like very much. There are a great many rooftop bars all over the world. So how do you stand out when the bar type you own has become passé in the modern age? By taking the style up way above the competition and keeping that same dazzle in the overall scene. Comfort and care are taken to the extreme in order to make sure everyone has a great time at the bar or enjoying a bit of food as well.

A spectacular view is just one of many frills and thrills that they offer there. All of this takes place in a small area which helps the experience feel more personal. We don’t discuss this very often but having a very small or large area for your bar can be a drawing point in either direction. It does really matter which way you go but you should take it to extremes.

Outdoor Bar Stools have an ultramodern touch, as does everything else. Shelters hang over the outdoor sections of the roof where people will be enjoying themselves. You may want to stray from this though as so many bars are now using it that it could become passé.

Having a set manager for every single aspect of the bar was important as well. They of course wanted one architect and lead designer but they went further. They have what they call a “Beverage Director” and the normal head chef. Splitting everything up into manageable jobs with expert leaders is another small factor that separates a great establishment from the best ones in the entire world. Safety is of course also managed expertly here as well.

Bartenders are a part of the outdoor bar experience as well. Their mixing is expertly done and puts on a bit more spectacle on the area. If you have employees skilled enough to put on a show in your own establishment this can really add value to the overall experience. It draws in tourists and increases tips as well. It’s all really great for adding that little extra bit of polish to your own outdoor bar. Look into training for some workers if you can.

Additional polish also applies to every other aspect of the business as well. Even their website is a work of art as well. It smacks of effort which can be a double-edged sword. It’s best to make things look effortless but better to look like you are trying to hard rather than having a dingy product. It’s a tough balance to find both in bar furniture design and management.

All of this costs a very large amount of money for the patrons. Small drinks are around $3 because it’s such a ritzy area with a great view. While this doesn’t work for everyone it’s a great thing for the owners as they can continue to upgrade the venue. When you reach the top in every area you will need to raise prices at some point. It’s just how things work. We hope that you can do the same someday with your own bar.


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