The Lodge and Rolle Bolle

The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen“The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen” is a big mouthful for most people. But that’s what makes them so interesting. They’re going big and really drawing the attention of everyone in the surrounding area as well. Going big is the name of the game here, just like the Sasquatch they are named after. So what are they doing to set everything apart? More, because sometimes more really is more and we’ll explain why that is for you today.

Thirty televisions, arcade games, billiards and darts dot the entire area. A massive dining area can fit 500 customers in so that everyone can eat their fill. Drinks and dishes are large as well for a crowd that wants to eat more rather than less. Professional chefs insure that each dish is delicious as well. It’s an amazing setup for everyone who visits.

Aside from having an amazing cooking staff they also have a court for playing “Rolle Bolle” and other games. While certainly not normal for any bar we are seeing many different bars like this add in some unconventional sections.

Going big also applies to style. A fireplace graces the exterior in addition to the interesting playing areas. Frills are something that restaurants and bars have always needed. However the ante continues to rise on these since architects and builders are so efficient on the upper end. You really can create whatever setting you dreamed of and actually afford it in the long run. It is an amazing age for any designer.

Along with the unusual offerings they also have the contemporary outdoor furniture you would expect from a modern lodge. But it has more of a sports-bar feel than you would expect from an area with so many impressive installations. Despite this there is no upper-class, elitist atmosphere which other restaurants use to great effect.

When dealing with customers who want to kick back and relax with big drinks having an air of elitism is a mistake. As we always say you need to plan for your guests or even the best design choices won’t work for you. Be sure to play to your audience at all times.

Part of what allowed them to create such an amazing setting was that they already had a framework laid out from the original owners. The Sail Inn was the original building and it was maintained well over many years. However the owners moved on leaving an absolutely amazing setup for those who wanted to buy it. If you are looking to save money on all of this then you should look into buying an unused building as well.

At the same time they still had a large amount of renovation to do when they got there. The costs came to less than rebuilding everything from scratch but still a large amount. When you have to do this as well you should realize that it’s an investment. Without creating an area where you can amaze customers you will never be able to stay in business. Their reconstruction


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