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Turn Your Kitchen Window Into An Outdoor Bar

nice patio at a home in the woods

August 17, 2015

Those who love outdoor entertaining understand the significance of an easy transition from the kitchen to the patio. However, most people have to live with what the house provides because of lack of space or resources to add a door or window in the kitchen. A handful of options exist to allow you to adapt to your house and patio to enable easier outdoor entertaining. From adding a counter on the patio side of a window that faces the patio to installing a patio bar counter, having an outdoor bar makes lounging in the patio much more relaxing.

A Counter Through A Window

A counter that extends from the kitchen to the patio via a window creates a serving bar that allows you to head outside for a snack or meal. By simply extending the kitchen’s countertop all the way to the window, you can not only use it to easily transfer things, but using the same design as the countertop makes the home look more pleasing. As for the window, a sliding bi-fold window gives plenty of space, but if a bi-fold window cannot fit, pull-up or swinging windows work too. Some designers get crafty with their windows and add themes, such as a window that slides up like a garage door or antique-themed windows that swing open.

Open The Kitchen To The Patio

A home’s heart resides in the kitchen, so making it more accessible to the rest of the house creates a more homely feeling. If you live in an area with a friendly climate, consider adding some air, natural light, and outdoor entertaining to your kitchen. If the windows have security bars or a screen on the outside, consider having the ability to remove them or move them aside to allow a fully opened window. Glass doors to the patio also allow more natural light into the kitchen. Some houses have the space to allow sliding glass doors, either as a single sliding door or as dual sliding doors.


Can you picture a kitchen without a barstool? Nearly every house has some form of barstool, as it adds variety to a home’s appearance. They allow friends and family to bring their presence to the kitchen or counter. A barstool comes in varying heights: counter, bar, and spectator/stadium. Counter stools measure up to a standard counter of three feet, so these stools sit about two feet high. Bar stools sit about two and a half feet for higher counters. Spectator/stadium stools sit the highest, with the seat at three feet high. All stools may come with additional features, such as a swiveling seat, adjustable height, a backrest, padded/cushioned seats, or footrests. Whether in the kitchen or in the patio, barstools will add flair to any home.

The Communal Firepit Style

Patio furniture pool side lit up at night

A new style is sweeping the outdoor cooking and furniture worlds. The “communal grill” is a massive and really fun party piece for anyone who can afford it. Most of these follow the fire pit style when they are being designed so they are often sold under that label. This particular style of cooking has a rich history that we are celebrating today. Aside from that it’s also really fun to use and cool. So if you have the money then you may want to look into one of these.

While it has all these good points it is not for those without the money to supply it. Allowing multiple people to grill at once costs more fuel and has a higher initial cost than many other pieces. So you need to have quite a bit of money saved up in order to buy a piece like this. If you do not have it then you may want to go with a smaller setup before going into this.

Fire Pit Tables in this style are nothing new in certain parts of the world. The original idea for things like this came from some cooking practices in Japan and China. Having people tend to the food over the fire in turns was something that many of them had to do in some much older times. However today we can create one where everyone can cook their own food for fun, instead of out of necessity.

So who is this best for? Reasonable adults, with the keyword being reasonable. No one wants to bump into someone lese while grilling or even burn themselves. Having this around kids is a big mistake because it’s just asking for one of them to get burned when they fumble something. So it has a very specific audience, those who can handle a fire without injuring anyone. That may not sound specific at first but it really is.

The larger models come with a two-story setting where you can grill different items at different levels. This also requires people who can handle flaming outdoor furniture with care. However for those with the maturity and manual coordination to work with this it really can create an atmosphere which cannot be matched in any other setting. There is just something about eating food which you cooked and it being grilled to the exact level which you were looking for.

You also need an area to eat in when everything is done. That’s why the most expensive models also comes with a wooden eating area for people to enjoy right after they are done. However ones like this are around three thousand dollars. Whew. For those without that sheer amount of spending money you may want to look at something a little cheaper.

For those with it this can also be an incredible status symbol. If you are looking to make an impression on a boss or useful friend then take a crack at this incredible piece of outdoor furniture. At the very least it should burn a memory into their minds.