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Enjoy the Outdoors by Watching Sports in the Patio


November 23, 2015

At any point throughout the year, a professional sports league has a season under way. Between the big three American sports of baseball, basketball, and American football, anyone can always find a sports game or sports news program on the television set. While attending actual games provides an immersive fan experience, most sports look just as good on television, as they capture the best shots from multiple angles. For those who live in areas with a mild outdoor climate that can allow for a television outside, they get to enjoy the sports games while lounging on the patio furniture, enjoying food by the pool, or entertaining outdoors.

Homes in warmer climates will certainly have more options as far as outdoor entertaining goes. If the patio can contain it, a television can fit right in to the patio. The room that lets out to the patio should come with windows that open up to provide a more open feel to the home. If your backyard has a decently sized lawn, take advantage by setting up outdoor furniture on the grass, or set a towel or mat down and have a seat right on the grass. Even during the winter, most of these options remain a solid choice for outdoor entertaining. Areas with wetter weather will want to take advantage of the patio space to stay dry.

Bring the feel of a sports bar right to your home by turning your patio into an outdoor bar. If the kitchen sits right next to the backyard, use the kitchen’s window as a serving station. A bar counter, bar stools, and multiple screens all lend towards a great venue for watching sports. Homes with a swimming pool can even allow people to enjoy the games while taking a dip. When the weather starts to drop, a pool heater will keep swimmers warm, while a fire pit can maintain heat for those above the water.

Having transparency not only makes a space appear larger, but also allows people to potentially see the television from further away. Large glass doors would allow people outdoors to view a large-screen television indoors, and vice versa. Glass doors also allow the adjacent room to seamlessly blend in to the patio. To display a screen to more space, use a projector screen. Some upscale homes may have the screen built in to the home and can scroll from the ceiling or wall. For homes without this feature, a portable projector screen from an office supplies store will suffice. Homes with a large blank wall can even function as the screen itself. Lastly, to save money while enjoying the outdoors, opt for simply a projector and a small screen to set up outside.